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'chat' misunderstandings



I was racing on a public server about an hour ago and I experienced something which I seldom experience in rl. It was a qualifying session in prep for a wtcc race at Curitiba and there was a tremendous ammount of pushing, shoving and general bad manners. During which somebody exiting the pit lane (Damage_Inc) actually took the time to let me pass. Normally I'd take this move for granted, but under the circumstances I thought I'd take the time to say thank you ( a proper one, not quickchat) after finishing the lap. Unfortunately my thanks were taken as being sarcastic, which upset me a bit. However, having re-read my "thanks for letting me in (I meant 'pass' but that's not important)" comment it did indeed sound sarcastic. The thing is, under any other circumstances it wouldn't come across that way but 'chat' is rife with sarcastic gratitude so that's what happened. Now I'm in a quandry as to what I should map to my quick chat preset instead of 'thanks'. Is this a common problem with ingame chat, or is it just me?
By the way, fortunately we did sort the misunderstanding out and if you read this 'Damage-Inc' thanks again, and I truly mean it!


It's not your fault if people interpret your neutral or positive comments as hostility. If they can't read and take it at face value, you shouldn't worry about it. :)
Oct 23, 2008
Hey didn't know you were here too.
I get a little annoyed by the bad manners on the servers. Trying to stay calm but most off the times, people are being sarcastic, i wich case i get a little frustrated and my bad behavior comes up too.
I really don't mind to let some people pass me, in qualification and in the race i really don't mind, because most off the time i get behind them and just wait until they get off the track, or that i can overtake them.
People are to self centered and think they have the right to do everything, but don't touch them because it will be your fault.

Kinda surprises me to read my name here... I'm glad that we're all happy, and hope to race you again sometime!

See you on the track!


Hello again Damage_Inc:highfive:.
I understand that in private races, comments are usually left till the end of the race. The problem with public servers is that you might not get the chance. That being the case I like to give credit where it's due whenever I can.

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