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Can you run a triple screen setup with monitors that have different resolutions?

So I have a one 27 inch, 1440p, 144hz main monitor, and two 24 inch, 1080p, 75hz side monitors (I have a RTX 3070). Im wondering if I can play Assetto Corsa on a triple screen setup with the monitors that I have. Im aware that Nvidia Surround only lets you set up screens with identical sizes, resolutions and refresh rates. Ideally I would like to run all the monitors at their native resolution and at their max refresh rate. Is there a way I can do that?


Won't work. On AMD you can create a "super resolution" and it adds blackbars to the bigger screen so you have 1 nice picture (like 5760x1080) on all screens, but it won't work with the HZ, you can run 75hz i think but not 144hz & 75hz in 1 resolution since the other monitors can't do 144hz.
I think you might be able to set all three monitors to 1080p resolution at 75Hz.

The 27" monitor will be blurry unless you can get it to run some sort of letterbox mode with no upscaling.

You may well run into image alignment issues between the centre 27" and the side 24" screens.

You can't mix the frequency coming out of the GPU. It will default to the lower one I think.

I had a similar issue running my old monitor at 60 Hz and my new one at 240Hz. I ended up running the 60Hz monitor out of my integrated GPU and my 240Hz monitor out of my main GPU. i only use the 2nd monitor for desktop apps, not for gaming.
perfectly doable in AMD, all different story with Nvidia.

(just to give you an idea, for years I played with a 27" in the middle and two old 4:3 1366*768 on the sides and it always worked flawlessly. The setup is also pretty straightforward.
AMD Eyefinity is huge on that regard.

I mean, look at that!