triple monitor setup

  1. L

    Motion not as smooth on side monitors as middle monitor - Triple Monitor Setup

    Does anyone else see the motion on their side monitors not being as smooth as the middle monitor? At times mine look like the frame rate isn't quite the same or something on the side monitors. I've been mucking about for a couple of days to see if there was a way to smooth them out, they just...
  2. H

    Triple 32" Screen Setup Shortlist Advice Needed

    Hey guys, I am looking to setup a triple screen setup. My PC: i9 11900k - RTX 3080 Ti These are my options that are locally available. All of them have near identical specs. Does anyone have any experience with these? GIGABYTE G32QC AOC CQ32G1 ASUS TUF GAMING VG32VQ1BR BENQ EX3203R...
  3. Haggen

    Can you run a triple screen setup with monitors that have different resolutions?

    So I have a one 27 inch, 1440p, 144hz main monitor, and two 24 inch, 1080p, 75hz side monitors (I have a RTX 3070). Im wondering if I can play Assetto Corsa on a triple screen setup with the monitors that I have. Im aware that Nvidia Surround only lets you set up screens with identical sizes...
  4. Is TrackIR Head Tracking for Triple Screens Worth It

    Is TrackIR Head Tracking for Triple Screens Worth It

    In the hopes of adding another layer of immersion to my triple screen setup for sim racing, I bought the TrackIR 5. I wanted to add the parallax movement in objects in the distance on the screen when moving my head in the rig but primarily to animate the car mirrors to move in sync with my movements
  5. Kapucha

    Triple Screen Setup Advice Needed

    I would like to ask some question related to Tripe Screen Setup. I'm planning to go 3 x 1080P but I'm not sure if monitors should be Curved or Flat. I'm worry that Curved monitor will introduce a little warping on the sides on each screen because Game Engine or even Graphics Driver will know...
  6. The Thirty-first Tiger

    1080 Ti + Triple Monitor

    Hi, Looking to build a sim racer, but can't figure out what screens i need. I'm looking to build a triple monitor setup of at least 120Hz. I currently have an Asus Strix 1080 Ti OC(11GB DDR5X). Can I run 3 1440p monitors 120+ Hz? Or should I only pick 1 120Hz screen in the middle and 60 on the...
  7. Billy Pilgrim

    Gfx cards in sli for triple screens - advice needed

    I have a four-year old pc with two gtx 780s in sli. It seems that one of the cards is giving up the ghost. :( So i'm looking at replacing them both with, maybe, two gtx 1070s. Or one 1080ti, or... It's all gonna cost a lot of money though. I play AC pretty much exclusively and into the future...
  8. Yapci

    (How to?) Make a cheap triple screen setup

    hi! Does anyone knows how to make a cheap triple screen setup? Or how much would it cost the cheapest one... I got an LG 27’’ monitor but would love to have more screen even if I got to low graphics at minimal (gtx 660). Maybe (probably) it’s impossible but...maybe not:(:thumbsdown::rolleyes:
  9. Karstenve

    Triple Monitor Setup Options

    Hello everyone! I modified a reasonably cheap pc about a month ago. I normally play iRacing but i want to play rfactor2 to. At the moment my pc doesn't handle this. I now want to upgrade my pc. I really want to run triple monitor on iracing and if possible also on rf2. At the moment I have a...
  10. RossP

    Triple 4K Resolution support on rFactor 2?

    Hello Race Department Forum, I work for Classic race simulators (based in Farnborough), and I am just curious if it is possible to have triple 4k surround resolution on rFactor 2? So it would be 11520x2160. Does rFactor 2 support it ? I know it supports 5760x1080 which is nice, but we are...