BRM Racing is proud to announce Season 3 of the Sportscar Sprint, starting 31st July!

Race Format -
Car Classes are LMP1, LMP2 and GTE.

The format for race meetings is a short drivers briefing followed by 60 minutes of practise (All Classes), 15 minutes Qualifying (GT's Only), 15 minutes Qualifying (LMP's Only) and a 90-minute solo driver race.

Points are awarded for positions 1-15 with bonuses for Pole, Fastest Lap, Fewest Inc and 0 Inc.

All races start at 17:30 GMT with sessions open from 16:00 GMT

Other practise sessions are hosted between race meetings by various league members for upcoming rounds.

To Register and signup - Head to our website, 'Login with Discord', and head to the 'Championships' page and signup with your car and number choice for the season and pay the entry fee of £5 for the season. All you need to do after is to request to join the iRacing League which is linked on the site under the 'League' tab and any further details are available on our Discord. With a community willing to help should you have any questions. (Car choice can be changed until Round 1. Entry fee is to cover website costs, sessions costs and various other small costs. With enough entries we are also looking at broadcasting the series using these funds)

We have a stewards board made up of current and previous league drivers who are not all affiliated with BRM Racing to ensure a fair process for everyone should any incidents happen within the race.

We look forward to welcoming you to the league and joining you on track!

Any questions, please do PM me, or our Discord can be accessed before signup via the website under the 'League' button.