1. vadhil

    Lotus Evora LM (GTE) v1.2f

    v1.2f updated version Download the base (100mb) first: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfmo-gt-base.37358/?fbclid=IwAR3RHAFOITeEUhOOE5ZGt3wqRhZAmzJ56_Uw7grFDtVu6ZKcr4N2nDwOIqA Common info: - Base model/mods from Evora R Cup - Changed steering wheel - RXC GT3 wheels - reShadered...
  2. josap11

    Endurance Overlay 0.10

    This set of overlays was created to be used with endurance racing but can be used for anything you like. I hope you enjoy the results of this work and am happy to hear your feedback. This is my first SimHUB release and I know there will be some errors and things that do not work optimally...
  3. Oscurr

    #33 Falken Motorsports N24h Skinpack / GTM Bayro 6 1.2

    As soon as the awesome guys from Race Sim Studio released their iteration of the BMW M6 GT3, the first thing I thought of was to recreate Nürburgring Liveries. So I started with the Falken Motorsports #33 from the 24h Race of 2018. I put extremely much effort into this livery in order to...
  4. Jim1986

    ADT Champion Racing Audi R8_#3_2005 0.99

    Le Mans 2005 winner for the great vrc_pt_auriel8 mod of VRC ModdingTeam. Really one of my all time favorites as a big Tom Kristensen fan. Still missing the scrutineering sticker on the hood, but not been able to find a good one. Will follow a.s.a.p. Hope you all like it! link to mod...
  5. Highlandwalker

    APEX FIA GT3 Ferrari 854 1

    Something a bit different this time, a skin for the APEX FIA GT3 mod cars. The Ferrari 854. Have fun.
  6. HunterXz1

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Scuderia 111 2019-04-01

    Hi this is real livery of brazillian endurance team
  7. Z

    GTR2 multiplayer events (maybe a league) in modern sim's era?

    Hello everyone! I just want to ask you about a few things in connection with GTR2 multiplayer. So, first of all, I know this legendary game started 13 years ago, but in my oponion it's still amazing and really love it. (And also know, ther are a lot more sim with much more popularity and...
  8. schoden

    BMW Z4 GT3 // VR.org 24H- Team Abgefahren II 2019-01-09

    #Another official Abgefahren-Skin for the 2019 VR Endurance Season. Enjoy and wish us luck for a good result!
  9. Highlandwalker

    Mak-Corp Group-C Porsche 962C Cabin Racing 1

    This car competed in the 1989 24hr Le Mans.
  10. Highlandwalker

    Mak-Corp Porsche 962C Skoal Bandit 1

    This car competed in the 1984 24hr Le Mans.
  11. CountyKid98

    Endurance Series 1.0

    This is a simple series modification which bunches together these cars: Metalmoro AJR Metalmoro MR18 Copa de Marcas The season is loosely based on the Brazilian Endurance Championship, in the year 2000. The series is recognised in the custom season tool so you can edit the current season or...
  12. Mic1712

    up to 60 cars for Nordschleife Endurace, Endurance Cup 1.1

    I just added starting grid. The original kn5 files for track (buildings, walls, etc. ) are untouched and you have to have them ! It depends on your hardware how many AI's will be working fine in single-player mode! It also works in multiplayer mode but it depends on the server and client...