Automobilista flickering in OBS, what to do?

Apr 26, 2014
Well basically the question is up there.

Whenever I run OBS/SLOBS and capture Automobilista, I get a flickering every couple frames.
The flickering is consistent and it is ALWAYS the scoreboard texture used on the scoring boards/scoring towers on the track I'm on with the current scoring entered.

Happens when running in Fullscreen, Windowed, Windowed Borderless. All reasonable resolutions, too.

I don't know what to do about this. Something's going wrong between AMS and OBS, since I don't get that flickering in AMS directly.

My specs:
Windows 8.1 64bit
Nvidia GT740M
anything else...
running AMS currently in windowed border mode 1280*720 with native res being 1366*768


Jul 22, 2015
Very late reply but if you look carefully you can see the flash is the leadboard numbers. You can prevent with the following edit in your profile PLR file:
Deactivate Track Scoreboard="1" // Deactivates scoreboards if 1