Automobilista 2 | Hotfix Update Available

Yet another new Automobilsta 2 hotfix update released on Steam recently - adding plenty of interesting fixes, tweaks, improvements and changes to the popular racing title.
  • Various physics improvements.
  • Update to Spa.
  • New community liveries.

In something of a flurry of recent updates, Reiza Studios have remained hard at work bringing yet further goodies to the AMS 2 racing simulation on Steam, with another hotfix update deployment dropping on Friday hot off the back of the recent V1.1.0.4 update of earlier this week.

Update Notes:

Automobilista 2 has now been updated to v1.1.0.5 - this is a hotfix to further complement our latest release with some additional improvements and corrections.

The update is large in size (1.6GB) because of a build error changing the checksum of some large files that have otherwise remained unchanged - we apologise in advance if that causes any inconvenience.

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  • Fixed bug that could lead to vehicles receiving draft from vehicles far behind them

  • Fixed distance to screen value on triple screen setup
  • Further driveline adjustments & fine tuning, fixing issues with clutch slipping in upshifts with some cars
  • Adjusted default clutch setting for Stock cars, Montana, Camaro GT4R, Porsches
  • Fixed bug with F-Retro wet tires breaking physics
  • Fixed bug with F-Ultimate slicks breaking physics if driven on wet
  • Adjusted default gear ratios for M1 Procar, Group A cars
  • Further improvements to AI lateral weaving/abruptness of movement
  • Added new improvements to AI behaviour when it predicts it´s going to run off the road (should reduce some causes of abrupt lateral movement / loss of control)
  • Further general A performance callibration
  • Caterham Academy: adjusted sounds, improved audio loops
  • Copa Fusca: Fixed engine sound drop-off during gear shifts
  • SprintRace: further improvements to audio loops
  • M1 Procar: increased volume when driving in swingman view
  • Spa: various fixes for lodding pop-ups, further optimization
  • Velopark: Improved wall collisions; fixed some terrain gaps; improved shadows; adjusted tire stack height; adjusted 3D grass to fix instances of wall clipping; removed shadow casting & reflections from transparent face
  • Interlagos Historic: Added startlights; removed shadow casting from transparent fences
  • Oulton Park: Added missing track lights
  • Curitiba: Adjusted HUD map zoom
  • Curvelo: Adjusted render mesh to match updated physical noise
  • Added community liveries: Copa Fusca - Fernando Goncalves #888 / Luiz Gonzaga #09 / Marcos Cruz #20 / Tom Emilsen #3422 / Troyan Donut #61 / Filomena Silva #00
  • Caterham 360 Superlight - Allan Nenes #25 / Gasper Zupan #2
  • Caterham 620R - Gyda Marvik #25 / Chris Shire #26

Original Source: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 - available now exclusively to PC.

Want to know more about the sim? Got a trick or tip to share with the community? Fire up a thread in the AMS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and share that knowledge!

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Sep 29, 2008
Fantastic sim, and a superb job by all of their team! The only gripe I actually have about it is that I still I find myself racing the identical car livery and number in some races even with the AI set far lower than the number of cars.

Tar Heel

Sep 15, 2016
Fantastic sim, and a superb job by all of their team! The only gripe I actually have about it is that I still I find myself racing the identical car livery and number in some races even with the AI set far lower than the number of cars.
Agreed it's be an issue for a long time. Reiza are aware of this issue and I think it will be addressed in the coming weeks if I had to take a guess.

dreamer al

Dec 22, 2016
I dont know if I am just looking through rose coloured glasses, but with this hotfix, the GT4 vehicles seem to drive much better. The Boxer in AMS1 is the ideal which I am hoping for (was my fav car in AMS).
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Tarmac Terrorist

Paul McCaffrey
Mar 22, 2017
"Further driveline adjustments & fine tuning, fixing issues with clutch slipping in upshifts with some cars" Wicked, DTM's are sorted!
" Further improvements to AI lateral weaving/abruptness of movement " Must remember to test this out at turn 1 into Mercedes complex tomorrow.
Lovin it Reiza!


Jan 1, 2017
Unbelievable, I think the boys never sleep. There are so many feauters in AMS2 that I really like. For example, I'm not a setup engineer and I don't like to spend hours tinkering with a setup. In AMS2 I have the opportunity to try out the other's setups. This gives me a better understanding of what has been changed and how the vehicle now feels. I really liked this detail in AMS1 and I am glad that it was adopted in AMS2.

Bert Austen

Pedal tho the metal Men
Nov 3, 2011
The simulation just keeps getting better and better, got in later, and I'm impressed by Reiza's progression. Graphics are great, ffb is getting better, Reiza are listened to carefully and a quick fix of the problem. Future....whe seen Group C cars.....a awsome class also...with the GT1 a lot of fun....Spa 1970 and 1990 version to come....sunny outlook :) Go further on this way


Mar 31, 2020
Hats off to the developers at Reiza who continue to provide us with updates, even in these tough times. I picked up this title on Christmas, and I'm really loving this sim. At first, I only focused on those mighty Formula Classics (the main reason the sim appeals to me), but heck, the new GT1s are so much fun!!

I know the 1991 Spa layout is confirmed (yippee!!), but are they going to add Group C to the game as well??

Boy, I'm hyped. The sim just keeps getting better and better.
Jul 15, 2011
Ok after all this positive comments, its time for negative one :thumbsdown:

Everytime i come back to AMS2 with the intention to finally spend more time is it, i again realize .... i have to wait another couple of weeks, month, whatever :coffee:

So what happend this time? I just started the International GT Championship. First thing which stands out was the cars are obviously not balanced yet ? All the Porsches in front, followed by all Mc Larens, than a mix of BMWs and Mercedes.
Ok its not cool, but not a drama either. So i started the first race after qualifying second. It was raining for about 2-3 laps before its stopped raining and everyone including me come to the box.

Following the gamebraker - my stop incl. tyre change only (no repairs etc.) took about 15sec while some AI managed to change the tires within something like 5sec. Why that?
So obviously i right away lost more than 10 positions and quit the game :mad:

All the time since 1.0 realease i only managed to drive one buggy stock car championship. Thats a shame because the potential is huge

Ruy Horta

Feb 17, 2014
It is nice to see this game get extra attention, however I’ll confess that my favorite cars are still the Brazilian Stock Cars, previous Reiza iterations and current AMS2, next the Copa TCs.

I have not tried this hot fix yet, but the Porsche’s don’t feel quite there as the original Boxers, although the GT3 imo feels better than the cup cars. Then again the new cars might be more realistic than the old boxer cup.

The new GT1s are a lot of fun to drive - that was a surprise to me as I normally prefer Stock cars, Supercars, GT3s and TCs. The new tracks are all very nice.

But what I want to say is if you haven’t before - try the Brazilian Stock cars on their proper tracks, as you are missing out if you don’t - keeping in mind that Reiza started with a Stockcar 2011 mod, full Stockcar 2012, Formula Truck and Copa Petrobras TC games, until they unified these with Stock Car Extreme, improved further with AMS. In short these Stockcars are Reiza‘s original strength and a lot of fun to drive.

Sorry for the partially unrelated rambling, but all attention is going to new and in development content, somewhat overshadowing very strong existing (core) content That’s really worth your attention - both cars and tracks.
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Mar 23, 2011
The gamepad controller need a big improvement.
No make sense the game suport this peripheral and no updates for it.
Reiza i spent 100 euros to purchase the game and i want a update for my controller.
Thanks in advance.