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    Kunos Simulazioni have written to the console racing community with update and content news ahead of a proposed build release in the very near future...

    Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fans were left understandably disappointed back in April when the news broke that Kunos would be unable to immediately push live the expected major update for Assetto Corsa, and now that May is already heading towards the end of it's second week the developers have spoken up about what is upcoming for AC on console, although once again they have fallen short of giving an actual expected release date for the new build.

    With several items of content coming for free, plenty of "under the hood" tech updates and of course the long awaiting custom multiplayer lobbies feature, this upcoming build is regarded by many as the biggest single development for AC on console since it's release last year. To get a feel for what Kunos are intending to add in the new build read the full community blog post below:

    Hi everyone! Today, we wanted to give our console community a rundown on what to expect in our next major console update. As many of you know, we were hoping to release in April, but despite our best efforts, it just wasn’t possible. However, be rest assured, we’re pushing incredibly hard right now to get this update out to you as soon as possible and we hope to share a launch date with you all soon.

    Featuring all-new FREE bonus content, including 5 cars, as well as our home made Highlands track! The perfect track doesn’t exist. That’s why we created one.

    Introduced back in 1984, the Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 revolutionized rallying. Just like the other manufacturers, Audi used the lenient homologation requirements to create a new rally car. All the car maker needed for homologation was a production run of a mere 200 cars.

    Blomqvist's spectacular, sideways driving style suited the Sport quattro perfectly. By flicking the tail out, the Swede overcame the natural understeer of the nose-heavy Audi. He won five of the twelve rounds and was crowned the 1984 World Champion. Mikkola and Roehrl also won a round, which was enough to clinch the constructor's trophy.

    The Mazda MX5 NA was presented in Chicago on February 1989. Provided with an all-steel body shell and a light-weight aluminium hood, in Japan it was sold as Eunos Roadster.
    MAZDA 787B

    Back in 1991, Mazda became the first Japanese manufacturer to win the 24 hours of Le Mans, with the Mazda 787B. This Group C sports prototype weighed in at just 845kg and was capable of reaching top speeds of over 340 km/h, as well as producing 690bhp at 8000rpm, thanks to its Wankel rotary engine.

    The M4's engine brace, trunk lid and the roof are all made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) to shed pounds. But the real masterpiece for both is the CFRP driveshaft — a one-piece unit that offers exceptional strength while reducing rotating mass, resulting in a tighter drive with less counteractive momentum. The Evolution performance exhaust system for the BMW consists of a single-central muffler with valves and bigger link pipe tubes with a middle muffler, all designed to make the performance and workmanship of the Evolution as perfect as its looks. In-depth engineering has produced a sound completely different from the stock system, giving a deep and sporty sound.

    What do you get if you unleash some dedicated tuners on the Gallardo engine? A bi-turbo highly modified engine that is capable of doing more than 850bhp on pump fuel and more than 1200bhp on race fuel and full turbo boost.

    The chassis has also been tuned accordingly with stiffer springs and dampers all around. Nevertheless you better watch out when you decide to give full boost. The performance is simply out of this world and the car can spin all four tyres in curva grande at monza in 6th gear... Remember, you need to brake 1 to 2 km before every turn as it takes some space to slow down from ultrasonic speeds!

    Available as a free update for the PORSCHE PACK 3 DLC, the 2017 Le Mans and WEC racing machine produces around 510bhp at 8000rpm. This brand new Porsche GTE/GTLM racecar has been designed from scratch, and features an ultra-modern, flat-six engine positioned in front of the rear axle.

    The perfect track doesn’t exist. That’s why we created one.
    Highlands - The original layout, 8152 meters long, filled with fast flowing path with curves and several jumps.

    Highlands Long - An extension of the original layout, 12191 meters long and has all the characteristics of the original layout. This layout features some slower curves, a fast series of left and right turns, after a passage between rocks and the distinctive 3km long "Cabhag straight"

    Highlands Drift - A configuration born to create long powerslides with supercars and hypercars. At 5167 meters long, this layout features long, flat and smooth curves, perfect for holding a constant power slide. The "tower lùb", guards the surroundings at the top of the hill.

    Highlands Short - The shortest configuration, only 1714 meters, but based entirely inside the city. Incredibly intense and requires the concentration of a pro.

    All four layouts share the same starting positions and pit lane, as well as the first corner and final 2 corners.


    • Updated minimum pressures and optimum pressures for various cars.
    • New v10 tyre wear algorithms more sensitive to load for all cars.
    • Graining is now reducing when driving in good temperature conditions.
    • New and updated V10 street, semislick, vintage, and race slicks tyres for all cars. A total of 151 cars updated.
    • Updates for cars that already had V10 tyres.
    • Updated chassis balance and inertias for all 151 available cars.
    • Updated engine coast braking for street cars.
    • Updated Brake heat for the following cars
    • Shelby Cobra
    • Lamborghini Miura
    • Alfa Romeo GTA
    • Abarth 595
    • Ford Escort RS
    • Ford GT40
    • Lotus 25
    • Lotus 49
    • Maserati 250F 6C and 12C
    • Lotus 72D
    • Ferrari 312T
    • Ferrari F40
    It will be possible to adjust and customize the cockpit view during a game session.

    Initialize a new server instance with custom configuration. Configuration options include: privacy (invite-only, public, password-protected), cars, car skins, track, sessions (durations and types), track conditions, assist levels, realism levels.

    Create any number of championships with any number of events. Configuration options include: opponent cars, skin and names, tracks, track conditions, race and other sessions' duration, point system. (3 presets)

    So no release date confirmed but plenty of content and features coming. It's been a long time in the making but I'm sure you console players out there in the world will be more than happy with the end result once it goes live. Just hold on a little bit longer.... :)

    Assetto Corsa is a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 racing simulation available to purchase now. Additional DLC content can be purchased via the respective game stores.

    Assetto Corsa and RaceDepartment are a match made in heaven if you enjoy mods and quality online racing events. We have our very own dedicated sub forum for the game, where you can catch up on the latest news and join in with your fellow fans discussing the simulation. Head over and check it out today!

    Looking forward to the big AC console update? Do you think this is too little too late, or just the right time to reignite passion in the console racer? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    Yeah it's been disappointing for me, luckily I have the pc version which is a fantastic sim. I started this journey with them right from early access on steam so felt obliged to support them on the PS4 version as I like trophies :) it was pretty cheap so hopefully there are some guys out there who enjoyed this version who did not have the pc version.
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    Still on 20” winter tyres. Back to 22” soon

    Have the pc version but might be picking the ps4 version (because of trophies :geek:) and it is 70% off on the ps store. So why not :D
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    I always enjoy AC (Xbox) whenever I did my toes in the water but decided some time ago that I would hold fire on going any further with it until this update reached us. Of course the wait has been much longer than anticipated and that has not gone down well with the console community although there are still a lot out there (including me) that are prepared to give Kunos the time it takes for this one to reach us because of the big improvements it promises to bring.. especially custom lobbies. Unfortunately button mapping seems to have fallen on deaf ears as it is never mentioned in any of the update chat and this is still quite an issue for us. I really hope this get's to us before the end of this month and that nothing further is found to delay it so I can get back to it and start to enjoy it more fully.
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