Apex Modding Ferrari 288 GTO

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Richard Wilks

Original poster
Jun 28, 2017
Richard Wilks submitted a new resource:

Apex Modding Ferrari 288 GTO - The iconic Ferrari super makes it's way to AMS with completely revamped physics

That's right, joining forces with the Apex modding team, we bring this iconic car and rfactor mod to 2019 reality and into AMS.

Completely revamped physics, all based on real car data, and total integration with all the goodies of AMS take realism and immersion to new heights.

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Aug 8, 2017
Fun car to drive at Johannesburg historic & the FFB feels pretty good. However i am getting a strange issue where it hijacked my Formula Classic Series icon. So i can't use them with this installed.

Marc Collins

Aug 25, 2011
Engine sound is glorious and it sounds like proper turbo modelling has been implemented--wonderful.

The tire scrub and skid sounds and the under-tray scrape sounds need a lot of work, though. I would substitute some nice ones if new ones are not possible.

I also have some graphical issues with grass and painted lines flickering when I use these cars.

Handing seems plausible, but were the brakes really that bad? I know it's an older car...