All of a sudden i cant get AMS to recognise my wheel etc
Ive recently upgraded to SRC GT1 wheel, i cant assign buttons in game, no matter what it doesnt let me, it only assigns the same button but that button is already being used

I am baffled.. i’m looking for a solution if its out there

Thanks man


I have the SRC wheel cup and haven't played for a week. I fired up AMS today and the order of my input devices was changed. I closed AMS and unplug/plug the wheel and another button box and it fixed mine. Hope this helps.


Did you try creating a new player profile?
Can usually sort this sort of thing like that. Might have to delete the old one.
Be sure to check your "documents" folder for that profile, it will be located there and inside AMS root (well, most times it will There are exceptions, but unless that applies to you, there's no use writing it all out :D)