AMS 2 | Nordschleife Delayed And New DLC Previews


Apr 7, 2018
His original claim was that the transmission whine isn't loud enough across all the gears, but it gets closer (as in louder) to what it should be in 6th gear. At least that's how I understood it. We are taking this way OT so I won't comment any further on the issue as this is not the place to do it
Was that his claim? This is what he said:

ACC gets it completely wrong, the gear whine suddenly becomes loud at 6th only, and people think it's realistic lol.
I certainly interpret that (and the subsequent discussion) as him saying specifically that there shouldn't be a distinct change in sound in 6th gear (it's actually 5th also, but not that important). Again, regardless of whether there needs to be an overall change in volume balance, there absolutely should be a change in sound in 5th and 6th gear in that specific car in ACC (it's possible AMS2 is a different model, I have no idea).

I'm confident he understood that to be the discussion, but maybe I'm wrong.