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Jul 21, 2020
It has been a brilliant update [edit but combine this with the past 2 or 3 updates/reworks actually to make 2021's first version]

Best way to show the underlying improvements to physics and tyres and Force feedback:

1 Wheel/driving

I use now 25 dampening on the version 27 custom file for FFB via their forums (though the default is excellent too, still can use either one)... and yes, this is a home run from Reiza. 70 gain (down from 90ish months ago) 5 LFB (down from 30), and 50 FX, (up actually from 30/40 due to better feel now; even the menu spring is better implemented seemingly)....

Needless to say its a dream to drive even on a TX wheel base with a GT wheel and L-LCM load cell pedals (and I will probably buy another add-on wheel in time for more buttons, has 14 plus a knob; could use another knob and a few more buttons if I am being honest, like to adjust during driving)

2 Tracks

Itching to play. Lots that is now more possible than ever.

Example: > I can use the Lotus/+vintage cars and have a blast on Brazillian twisting/big-bend tracks, use the McClaren at Bathurst for pin point accuracy or the heavier but no less fun v8 type sedans - race and road cars - which are much improved, M3 at imola (each car from various era's on modern and historic imola at that!) and its just pure fun. I use all the cars to some extent, even slower ones its just driving pleasure with their different feels and race tactics. Race at 7am sunrise, 7-10 laps or some such, 10 mins practice (yes at 7am too lol but with random weather to test out the much better weather settings from this patch), + 20 mins qualify makes about 1hour of pleasurable driving. With so few laps the tires barely get warm for too long but its a lot of fun.

2nd example> I will take the reiza f1's to Guapore (one before 2019 but also the 2019) and have a blast zipping around that course. Thats one excellent time of it. Or the Race version Ultima. Just gotten far better (day and night like most cars) over the last few patches) Or what about the V12's at Imola, a course that really stetches the v12 f1's out, and tests them as I like to keep them a bit jittery for imola. There's always the Roco and similar for Oulton or the gt3's for various english courses, or go flat out at modern speilberg, etc. And of course the F2's are just lovely anywhere too. Too many contrasts to mention these days. Game has really expanded. Even Adelaide with its death trap bend and edge of your seat speed is much improved with these cars, its far more controllable, which just goes to show the big improvements.

So> Now when I adjust clutch plates and make a suspension faster or what not, make positive toe, I feel as though I am no longer fighting a system but rather implementing tweaks to adjust for a course; which means I am not glossing over something I wish the game had, because its as of today, pretty much fully doing things.

^> Game has to be 95% complete, surely.

Game is apparently past 100k sales on steam spy and with quality like this I only expect this to get better. And of course probably multi player may well be worth it for many now.

I currently rate it next to ACC, its not the exact same thing, or rfactor 2 track and car packs recently, but its along side them, and its a heck of a lot of fun. Just grab and play kind of thing. The menu annoys me but I do think good things of the new menu graphics, yes and so does the new Rfactor2 menu, but lots of fun. Very pliable now across its tracks and cars - spritely, lively, some subdued and hard work, tracks from many era's - I think the vision is coming to be what they intended for it. As to menu's I actually use the sorting functions more now to get lists, much better, so its not all bad with those games; even ACC menu has limitations.

I think this update really makes the game version 1 if we're being honest. All sims though took months to nail right or right enough, its been 6 so this is good.

And the sound from the transmission/torque in the cabin is much improved. A lot of atmosphere - so a lot of ground has been made up between the shortcomings of the title in the past few months against the other sims I mentioned. And frankly I am having the most fun with it again. So all 3 sims I mentioned now do something very well.

ACC accuracy probaby (not meaning I dont think its fun, I do), AMS2 fun across a wide array of things (and nothing glaring in its portrayal), Rfactor2 could be a bit of both/serious depending on car/track combo and these days I limit myself to about 10 tracks with a drop off in quality at 6 probably - but Rfactor2 is a great game not saying its not and its best tracks are sublime and I rate them over ACC's just not all of them; of course its less forgiving than AMS2 and highly rewarding but its physics model is older these days. Its not really a direct comparison and they all 'win' on fun factor anyway.

Each title shares a lot of the same positive qualities in some way. So well done Reiza I would say since they have a lot of fun/good cars, and a lot of worth-driving tracks, though I do not rate their Nordshliefe only Rf2's version of that is wow. But I of course rate the Nürburgring in AMS2, a fave of mine. Conversely I do not rate as high the Rfactor2 version of the Nürburgring but still like it.

I will drive that Nord now in AMS2 actually as I have done little of that after buying it 2 months back. edit - its not bad! I did like it with the new physics and tires and cars. 2nd go took a Porsche on it, the less powerful one of the two in the list, 4get which list, and its a lot of fun and nothing glaring jumping out at me saying its bad; maybe rFactor2 does its physics best (at least to a degree and in some things), but maybe the AMS2 combo of cars and track is up there too for such a track.

An exceptional patch.

The one thing at this stage to make better maybe?

Ice rink grass, maybe a little too much slip though these days and with the FFB being better than ever, sometimes you can correct good enough to just go sideways instead of in circles. Sometimes though I think thats ok, other times not.

Ai +/- ability, some variability could be in order though it could be the total wrong time to implement that.

I feel I should also mention I get a lot of enjoyment out of using Crew Chief with these games. So if you don't use that, you may want to (ACC does it internally, rF2 not)

One thing I would add

Settings that are like a puzzle. Today I changed new merc at Montreal, clutch plates to 6. Handles so well. Yes - I know that NOW, but 3 months ago I had no clue which settings would do which and the way the physics were then it was hard to tell which setting was off month to month and even day to day lol... not so now. Life knowledge, experience and the iracing? website or the other free racing one, raceroom maybe not that I play those, the website and various sites helped me get a feel for these things.

The mini-game or level could be that more settings per track or some such are out of kilter. Kind of like a scenario feature. Also I would add a single player scenario feature like in sports game, i.e if soccer/football then you're 2-1 down and how do you win with 5 mins to go. Also, there could be layers to settings changes. Level 1 - only one or two off, level 2 you know immedately via tooltips that 3 settings are off for the track...

haha. love it. But under no circumstances should it go for Project Cars 3 kinds of things. Some people probably like that kind of game but I dont mind forza, but I will put forza horizon down easily for AMS2, for example. I took PCars 2 off my PC but I sometimes think about that game.
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Jul 28, 2017
SimRacing604 made a video and he showed FFB settings in the setup menu. Looks like it'll be per car which is great.

What is your audio setup? I haven't encountered this but my audio comes through either via USB to my Valve Index or a fairly cheap USB DAC/AMP. Could be audio drivers or maybe a reinstall?
It has nothing to do with audio setup, it's an issue with the samples.

I have exactly the same problem with the M6 GT3 and you have it too. Maybe you just don't notice it.

Does not matter if i choose my external dac (Motu M2) or the rift as audio device. I even tried it on my htpc and it's exactly the same.

It doesn't affect all cars though, most are fine.
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Mar 3, 2018
Spa looks and feels nice so far, clear there is still some work to do at least in terms of trackside objects.

Ai can't be used at it so far. Stickin behind slower cars for ages or hit each other.
Also easy to take Eau Rouge. No problems when I flat out the 720. Not sure if this is so easy irl.


Dec 5, 2013
Spa looks and feels nice so far, clear there is still some work to do at least in terms of trackside objects.

Ai can't be used at it so far. Stickin behind slower cars for ages or hit each other.
Also easy to take Eau Rouge. No problems when I flat out the 720. Not sure if this is so easy irl.
Flat out Eau Rouge in GT3s has been a long standing topic also in AC some years ago.

At the end it was acknowledged that it's very, very, very difficult to take it full gas IRL and it was so easy in game only because the tire load sensitivity was too low.

In general AMS2 GT3s grip appears a bit too high, so it doesn't surprise me they can easily manage that corner.
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Sep 25, 2018
Reiza Studios help kick-start 2021 with a bang, thanks to the latest build update of Automobilista 2 becoming available, and with it the mighty GT1 era of endurance racing golden days...
  • GT1 DLC released.
  • Spa-Francorchamps released.
  • Many updates and improvements included in new build.
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As the New Year celebrations begin to calm down, many of us with sore heads have awoken today to some very nice news - a freshly prepared build of Automobilista 2 is here, and comes complete with a nice version of both Spa-Franchorchamps and the mighty 1990's era FIA GT1 challengers from McLaren, Mercedes and Porsche - start 2021 with a bang!

Content isn't the only bit of good news for AMS 2 fans either, the new DLC's also come with a fine selection of changes, tweaks and improvements to the simulation, including a welcome option to tune FFB on a per-car basis and plenty of physics revisions for a number of the vehicles within the sim.

Some notes from the developers ahead of using the new build update for the first time:

IMPORTANT: Given the amount of substantive changes in this update, we strongly recommend all users to start a fresh profile by deleting their Documents/Automobilista 2 folder to avoid issues (this will be requested with far less regularity from this update onwards).

The Livery System Override is now fully implemented - to get your hands on the templates for all cars currently in the game and learn more about how you can go about replacing the original car liveries with your own please check this topic (will be updated with new templates as we add them).

Please note that we have another batch of single player championships & a complementary art update for Spa incoming tomorrow after it goes through some internal testing in the morning.

Automobilista 2 V1.1.0.0 Update Notes:


  • Added GT1 Series (featuring Mercedes CLK LM, Porsche 911 GT1, Mclaren F1 GTR LT)
  • Added Mclaren F1 LM to Street Cars series
  • Added Spa Francorchamps 2020 *Part of Spa-Francorchamps DLC Pack
  • Added Ibarra Reverse layout
  • Introduced track specific weather probability system for more realistic random weather
  • Random weather condition is now preserved if session is reset
  • Disabled "Real Weather" option (until system implementation is complete)
  • Added option to customize FFB gain per car
  • Adjusted netcode parameters for more reliable close racing and more accurate timing predictions
  • Adjusted default cockpit camera settings
  • Increased cockpit seat position storing from 20 to 100 vehicles.
  • Added live edit messages for vertical and longitudinal cockpit seat position
  • Added F-Ultimate & F-Reiza championship seasons
  • Added new main menu panel arts & backgrounds
  • Updated track loading screens & increased resolution to 4k
  • Added loading bar gradient & fixed position on ultrawide resolutions
  • Fixed monitor controls and back button positions on ultrawide resolutions
  • Update Control Assignments screens to include per vehicle FFB gain increase / decrease
  • VSync is now always enabled in Main Menu
  • Added tag (AI)/* to AI players in multiplayer
  • Added additional states to DRS HUD informing detection zone & availability
  • Vehicle default sorting reverted to alphabetical order
  • Corrected various vehicle naming inconsistencies
  • Fixed Velopark incorrect track grades
  • Revised tyre physics for street cars, F-Vintage (both gens), F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Lancer Cup, Puma P052, M1 Procar, Group A, Opala 1986
  • Revised rain tyres for GT3, GT4, P1, P2, P3, P4, F-Retro, Procar, Group A, Opala 1986 Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Lancer cup, Puma P052
  • Revised Ultima GTR, F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate & F-Reiza aerodynamics
  • Adjusted logic for pre-race tire & brake pre-warming & tire pressure conditions (slightly under peak conditions for more realism & avoid unnatural tire inflation)
  • Reduced default number of clutches for several cars & further reduced rate of differential locking per clutch
  • Further revised F-Retros, F-Ultimate & Ginetta G58 suspension rates
  • Further adjusted exhaust parameters for all cars (results in more accurate visual & audible backfiring / spluttering)
  • Reduced max height to account before front wing / splitter stall in several cars
  • GT3 Series: Added 15kg to Mclaren 720S, subtracted 10kg from Mercedes AMG GT3, added 10 HP to Porsche GT3-R for improved BoP
  • Further revisions of FFB max force to iron out potential peak force inconsistencies
  • Small adjustments to center of gravity height in Opalas, F-Retros, F-Ultimate
  • Reduced Ginetta G55 engine inertia
  • Futher reduced differential preload baseline settings
  • Disabled viscous differential in street cars
  • Adjusted default roll bars, ride height & differential settings for F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 Gen1 & 2
  • Adjusted default Differential settings for F-Retro, Stock Car 2020
  • Adjusted F-Ultimate ERS to not kick in until 75% of throttle is applied
  • Added preliminary new logic to improve AI overtaking lapped cars
  • Added new tolerance parameter for AI to not concede position to player until a given amount of the car length is alongside (prevents issue with AI cars appearing to be "scared" out of the way when approached from behind by player)
  • Slightly raised AI CoG height multiplier & adjusted AI damper rates to avoid cars bouncing at hard compression
  • AI callibration pass for all cars that received tyre physics and / or aero updates
  • Reduced range of lateral movement away from ideal line & rate of movement when taking urgent action
  • Created new AI paths for Nurburgring Nordschleife & 24h layouts (improved & more consistent performance)
  • Updated Sprint Race sounds
  • Adjusted tranny volume for GT3 cars to more balanced levels & more torque dependent; adjusted volume balancing; optimized number of samples used to minimise potential performance issues

  • Removed wave length in artificial road noise (slightly reduces car / camera vertical movement oscillations)
  • Temporarily removed animated Helicopters & planes until remaining functionality issues are addressed
  • Revised road mesh & reduced noise (high frequency bumps) for Curitiba, Kansai & Taruma
  • Updated Bathurst trackside camera
  • Velopark: Minor performance & art pass; updated AI with improved performanceUpdated Nurburgring 24h layout trackside cameras to reduce shimmering / trembling & added VR cams
  • Added BMW M6 GT3 dirt / damage effects + dangling damaged parts + new colliders + detached diffuser
  • Gol Copa Classic: Fixed LOD errors at longer distance
  • Mini Cooper UK: Fixed LODding issues with windows
  • Lancer Cup (R/RS): Added Dirt/Damage + detached bumpers (LODA/B/C) + dirt texture for wings (RS) + modeled inner panels (LODA/B/C) + new collision + dangling damaged partsdriver animations + Detached Gear Shifter
  • Fixed Mini cooper 1965 damage on lower LODs + Detached gear shifter (cpit) + detached bumpers on LOD C
  • Lotus 23: Fixed LOD D missing, added damage models on lod B/C, detached dangling parts on LodC, closed panel gaps on LOD A and Cockpit, removed unecessary damage models for tyres
  • MCR S2000: Added dirt/scratch textures
  • Added missing tail light for Sprint Race, Stock Car Cruze 2019 & Ultima GTR
  • Fixed LOD errors in cars with DRS wings which could make rear wings appear to flick open at certain distances

Original Source: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 - available now exclusively to PC.

Want to know more about the sim? Got a trick or tip to share with the community? Fire up a thread in the AMS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and share that knowledge!

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Is it just me, or are others noticing a distinct throttle hesitation in some of the cars since the update? It is like a dead spot in the throttle mapping.


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Jun 30, 2017
I have been very critical of AMS2 and it's mushy, imprecise steering and FFB. However, I have spent today going through all my sims and properly setting up my steering following my upgrade to the CSW 2.5. This update landed last night and it's a real game changer. I cleared out all the controller profiles I had in my AMS folder and started from scratch using the settings recommended by Fanatec and the sim is absolutely transformed. (I found similar with raceroom, which is more of an indication that I am crap rather than AMS2 has improved...)

I love Reiza, not least because they did their own thing with AMS1 without following the hype and going for tracks everyone knows. I also love that they release content for Rfactor 2.

I have been very cynical about the PC2 origins of AMS2 but I have to say that any carry over from PC2 is not identifiable in this sim now. I had a great time lapping the GT1 Porsche around Imola and this sim really does have a rosy future. So much so, that I have just bought the Silverstone and Nurburgring packs for a sim I was convinced was utter crap a week ago! Well done Reiza.