AMG Mercedes Confirm Launch Date - Just 3 Teams Left to Go

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AMG Mercedes become the latest team to confirm when their 2019 Formula One challenger will be revealed, leaving just three teams to announce the big date.

Williams, Haas and Red Bull remain coy about when the world will likely get their first glimpse of the cars set to do battle in Formula One during 2019, but while those three continue to wait it out and finalise the last details within their press release, reigning World Champions and the dominant team within Formula One for the past five years, Mercedes, have confirmed they will reveal the new W10 car on February 13th - rather cheekily on the same date as engine stablemate Racing Point...

With many expecting the Brackley team to produce another highly competitive car for the year ahead, it will be exciting to see what the design team over at Mercedes have come up with to combat the new regulations in play for this season, especially so as just two days later Ferrari, their anticipated main rivals once again, will take the wraps of their own new machine, and official welcome super rookie and new recruit Charles Leclerc into race driver duties for the legendary Italian squad.

The season can't start soon enough... who's excited?

2019 Formula One Launch Schedule (so far):

Feb 11 – Toro Rosso Honda
Feb 12 – Renault
Feb 13 – Racing Point Mercedes
Feb 13 – AMG Mercedes
Feb 14 – McLaren Renault
Feb 15 – Ferrari
Feb 18 – Sauber Ferrari

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Jun 4, 2017
I would like to see what happens in winter testing firstly before I make any assumptions on how the season will go but my senses tell me that Mercedes is gonna be as ever the Panzer tank and its gonna be a tough season for everyone else....


Jun 4, 2017
I like to see what kind of black magic these teams will do this time , i think Ferrari will show something that is amazingly looks simple and naive, but in testing it will transform to another thing and surprise everyone.
I don't think winning the first few races means anything(for any team) , as we have lost massive amount of downforce and teams need way more time to gain some of it back and it'll happen in development process during the season by experimenting their solutions and also observing other team's solutions (like 2009 that the other teams were catching the early leader brawnGP in the second part of the season , probably they could do it if we had 21 races instead of 17 back then, it's just an assumption:D)
also there is chance that Merc guys *** their car out of fear and Ferrari this time do the best under new management! :D


I know, for I told me so
Feb 14, 2015
An announcement of something that was as inevitable as a bear sh*tting in the woods at that.