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    ATS Oregon Preview 1.jpg ATS Oregon Preview 2.jpg ATS Oregon Preview 3.jpg ATS Oregon Preview 4.jpg ATS Oregon Preview 5.jpg ATS Oregon Preview 6.jpg
    With the state of Oregon next up for American Truck Simulator, those talented people over at SCS Software have revealed another batch of preview images.

    Many who initially bought American Truck Simulator felt rightly justified in claiming that both the level of scale and depth of content left something to be desired in comparison to its older European brother. Since then the team over at SCS have worked pretty much tirelessly to change that opinion, and frankly they have done an incredible job so far.

    Firstly going on to increase the world scale of the game to give a more expansive driving experience on existing roads and territories, then pushing out quite a few nifty expansions and DLC packs to offer a more entertaining and varied gaming world, now they Czech developers have confirmed Oregon will be the latest state to be added to the sim - and it is looking highly likely to be one of the most impressive expansions released to this popular game to date!

    As with any new state or city added to either AMS or European Truck Simulator it is more than just about the roads themselves, especially in such a richly diverse country and the United States of America. With Oregon comes the need to add new industry associated with the area, and never ones to miss out SCS have been working hard to accurately represent the spirt of the location with plenty of new and detailed points of interest to enjoy once it releases later this year.

    To help keep the hype train rolling and give fans an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, SCS have released a nice selection of preview images from the current work in progress development build of Oregon. Enjoy.

    This new DLC will include the whole of the three Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but also southern Finland and bits of Russia including Russia's second largest city Saint Petersburg.

    American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2 are available to purchase for PC right now. Additional DLC packs for both games can be picked up from the respect Steam store page.

    Like to go big rigging across the highways of the USA? Fancy sharing your experiences with your fellow community members and taking in all the latest news regarding both games? Well join up with our European Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim sub forums and get involved with the community today!

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    Looking forward to the latest ATS map expansion? Oregon native? If so, do the preview images live up to your own thoughts of the state? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Ilya Malyuev

    Ilya Malyuev

    That Neste gas station setting looks very familiar. I think I know where it is :)
  3. Emery


    Anybody thinking about how the trucker life will disappear as robotic vehicles take over the roads?
  4. Ilya Malyuev

    Ilya Malyuev

    Not in Russia :p
  5. Nick Gregory

    Nick Gregory
    Forever a backmarker Premium

    I started playing this and ETS 2 a few weeks ago. I still don't understand why it's so nice to play, yet I still play it. Although, I do have a mod that gives my trucks TONS of power, so that helps.

    Maybe we'll get Washington state next. I want to see if I can make a delivery to Bellevue.
  6. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    Buggered if I know..... Premium

    I think you may have gotten ATS and ETS2 mixed up there, Paul.
    I sincerely doubt the Oregon DLC will include the Baltic states..... :D
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  7. darkelf1


    The main reason i play these games is mods, huge maps mods and those cars ,cargos and traffic mods. No other games did all of these.:D:D
  8. Damage Inc

    Damage Inc

    I love the DLC, but hate how they ruin my 100% steam achievements!! (until I get the new ones of course!).

    Love these games, and even got an editors pick on World of Trucks the other day!
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