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American Truck Sim: Everett Aerospace Factory Previews

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
ATS Washington Everet Aerospace Preview 4.jpg

Check out the Everett Aerospace Factory preview images from the upcoming Washington State American Truck Sim map expansion.

Washington State is well known for its aerospace industry, and Everett hosts some the largest of those companies including the impressive factory that features within the upcoming DLC. The buildings real-life counterpart holds the record for the Worlds Largest Building which has enough space to fit 13 Empire State Buildings inside its walls. 13 Empire State Buildings!

ATS Washington Everet Aerospace Preview 3.jpg
ATS Washington Everet Aerospace Preview 5.jpg

In the upcoming Washington State expansion for American Truck Simulator, drivers will be able to deliver to and from this impressive factory; transporting aircraft parts as well as driving a new Special Transport route for heavy and unique components. The Everett factory has also been created using unique prefabs based on the real building which makes for an impressive sight for anyone driving past.

The new DLC is expected to release sometime in the near future, although no exact date has been confirmed by the developers as yet.

ATS Washington Everet Aerospace Preview 1.jpg
ATS Washington Everet Aerospace Preview 2.jpg

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I went there once. As they did military work too you weren't allowed to take any photos or video inside. So I filmed it as we drove past leaving at the end of the visit lol
I lived in Mukilteo just over the hill from it, and I could walk there in ten minutes. It always surprised me that I could never hear the jets either day or night. Amazing building, and it's also the largest largest square footage building in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_Everett_Factory

I live close to it too. I mountain bike Japanese gulch in Mukilteo all the time. Many times I have seen new Boeing jets fly over on approach to Paine Field. You really get an idea of the size of the Boeing facility if you look at how small the man doors look when compared to the building.