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  1. E

    ATS/ETS2 Button Dash *V2 released* v2.0

    New V2 of my button box. V1 just gave me all the functionality i wanted, so I decided to improve the aesthetic! To install, first make sure you have simhub installed, here. Once installed, download the .zip and extract the files. Once extracted, just open whichever button box you would...
  2. G-Slev

    Fanatec v3 Setup

    I've finally invested some time in ETS2, and it's wonderful. I'm am struggling a bit though with the brake and accelerator. I have removed the deadlines, but if I so much as touch the brakes, the truck stops dead. There's no braking distance at all. I've also found that if I ease up on the...
  3. C Park

    Does it feel like I'm driving a truck?

  4. C Park

    Can anyone tell me where that white car came from?

    The accident happened at 5:00 I think it just popped out of the ground. XD
  5. H

    How can I update ets2 on steam?

    I have downloaded steam. Put ets2 in steam. But when I searched how to update, they told me to go right click on ets2 and click on properties. THen I had to go to betas. But that wasn't available by me. What did I do wrong?
  6. S

    ATS/ETS2 E90 Cluster Arduino

    Hey community, I am working on a project and have hit one last hurdle then on completion I hope to share with the gaming community, as I have spent hundreds of hours searching for answers have found a few videos of this setup working but no how to's. I have an E90 Cluster along with 2 Arduino...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    ETS 2 / ATS | FMOD Sound Updates In The Works

    Fans of American Truck Sim and European Truck Sim 2 rejoice! New audio updates are on the way... thanks to the implementation of the class leading FMOD sound effects engine. Both ATS and ETS 2 are fine simulations, and the level of detail achieved by SCS Software is highly commendable, but one...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    ETS2 / ATS | New Location Previews

    Both European Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Sim are getting new map expansions this year - and here's the pictures to prove it! Yes, never content to give those graphic artists a well earned break, SCS Software confirmed prior to the Christmas break that both ETS2 and American Truck Sim...
  9. P

    SimHub Dashboard For Euro Truck Simulator 2 V1.0

    A completely functional dashboard for Euro Truck Simulator 2 to use in your mobile phone, tablet, secondary monitor... (Needs SimHub) This one is based on the ones made by scar101, so credits for him. Features: Speed Gauge RPM Gauge Fuel Gauge + Warning Light Oil Pressure Gauge + Warning...
  10. djd4ws0n

    TruckSimulatorPlugin for SimHub 1.1.2

    A plugin for SimHub, that adds new properties, events and actions for truck simulator games, ETS2 and ATS. For a full rundown of what's added by the plugin, visit the wiki. To install, extract the ZIP file to your SimHub directory and restart SimHub, if it's open. SimHub will detect the...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: Everett Aerospace Factory Previews

    Check out the Everett Aerospace Factory preview images from the upcoming Washington State American Truck Sim map expansion. Washington State is well known for its aerospace industry, and Everett hosts some the largest of those companies including the impressive factory that features within the...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Further ETS2 Map Expansion Teaser Images Revealed

    SCS Software have been teasing again, giving out some more clues as to the upcoming map expansion DLC for European Truck Simulator 2. Back at the end of March, Czech development studio SCS Software revealed they have a brand new region in development for the European Truck Sim 2 PC trucking...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: Washington State Industry Previews

    American Truck Simulator is soon to get a new map expansion - so why not take a look at some nice architecture from the latest state set to be added to the title? Everyone enjoys a well made world map when driving around in something like American Truck Sim, and in recent months SCS Software...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    ETS2 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Launches November 29th

    After plenty of teasing and a successful open beta phase, SCS Software have confirmed the much anticipated 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC for ETS 2 will release later this month... Joining European Truck Simulator 2 as the latest map expansion DLC for the popular trucking title from SCS Software...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    ETS2: New Finland Expansion Previews

    The new European Truck Sim 2 upcoming DLC is fast approaching release time, and in advance of the public deployment, let us take a look at some previews from Finland. With progress in full swing for the final touches of the 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC for European Truck Simulator 2, developers...
  16. Kesh

    Scania Dashboard 2016 for Simhub 2.3

    So I've taken the dashboard from Simhub made by David Meek and made several changes to it. Installation: 1) Download Simhub from the link below: https://www.simhubdash.com/ 2) Download and open the dashboard file using Winrar or 7-zip, then double click the file inside. A prompt should appear...
  17. scar191

    SimHub Dashboards for ETS2 1.0

    Hello, these are the first creations that I do, so I hope you like them and report me all the mistakes or improvements that may be. Thank you very much, see you on the road. INSTALLATION SIMHUB: First of all you need to install SimHub in your PC. You can download it from here...
  18. gnokketto

    ATS / ETS2 Great Dash for SimHub 2017-08-29

    This is my first dashboard for the Dashstudio of SimHub. I set out to create analogue and digital mixed experience, the template have 3 pages, the last is the best! Let me know what you think and if it works for you. Work in ATS and ETS2 with nextion 4.3'' Unrar the 3 file in your subhub...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Italian Map Expansion Coming to European Truck Sim 2!

    Italy is coming to European Truck Simulator 2, with confirmation today that an Italian map expansion DLC is in the works from the SCS Software environment team. Although several Italian locations already exist in European Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software have made the decision to create an...
  20. JuanBonX

    JBX Settings RC - Reshade v1.2

    Description: The post-processing effects of Reshade + JBX Settings RC offer more realistic graphics and compatibility with many Games. Features: - Anti-Aliasing - Realistic Color - Better Contrast - Less Pure White - Sharpness and Focus Package Content: - Reshade - JBX Settings...