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My main circuit goes underneath the pitlane so the AIW lines for Fastline and pitlane cross. This causes major problems in-game for AI speed when they go under the pits. I can easily take that area at about 120mph in an F1 car, but the AI slows down multiple times and ranges between about 20-50mph. But, when running at about 95% AI Difficulty along with Dazor's PLR file at, say, Monaco or Monza, I can have a lot of fun with the AI, and I really have to push hard to beat them. But here, running at maximum difficulty has the AI about 2-3 seconds off my pace.

This is in rFactor. I've attached a photo with the track in BTB, circled is the area where they cross.

I do not want to change where the pitlane is, as I wanted to make full use of the underpass that exists in real life. The circuit goes under, the pitlane over. Other than that, the AI are fine.

What can I do?


That's a tough one, I'm not sure how to rectify. Possibly download the JIMOLA Aiw editor, its free and may be able to help. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Good luck


the problem is the aiw path, that is on the track and terrain above the actual track down in the tunnel. you need to lower it to the right height of the track.


There is a thread about this here somewhere, have you tried using the search?

From memory its got something to do with the way BTB , erm,,, I can't think of the word,,, lets just say, its how BTB sees everything on the level. Much like you cant create a loop the loop from the track. You will have to either manually edit the aiw file or use the rfactor aiw editor. There is a tutorial on aiw in the forums, if you search you will find it.
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