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AI pitting Issue

Hella' Racers!

I just started to play rfactor2 some weeks ago and i'm unsure if my issue is related as general AI problem or something only for me. There are alot threads about AI and their problems, but it doesn't resolve my issue with them.

AI overtakes slower cars (multi class) without problem, but the problem starts when the AI wants into pitbox/lane back. The faster cars stucks behind the slower cars the whole round until pit entry. The issue doesn't begin at start of last round into pit, but somewhere during the round. Let's say 1/3 or 1/2 or last 2/3 of round.
It happes in practice mod on pretty every track (official and mod). Didn't drive qualy or races, just practicing until yet to improve driving skills.
I use the official Studio S397 Endurance Pack.

Can someone confirm my issue it's general AI issue or only for me?

Thanks! :)
Ah okay, just searched for AI slipstream now and understand now what it means. Best thanks for answer! :) hopefully fixed in near future.
It is a loooong stading issue. Outside of new DLC content like the upcoming Le Mans and Nordschlieffe, they are focused almost, (almost) 100% on creating the new UI along with an online racing environment. Solo play issues, and there are many more besides the ones you have found, have been placed in a lower priority. best advice for single player offline racing is to make sure all the sessions complete, don't skip them, and run with limited flags. Most choose Black flag only. Yellow flags can cause Chaos and end up splitting the field and assessing penalties. I should have started the post with this:
We (rF2 users)do not see much hope of offline issues being addressed soon.