AI Pit stop after safety car bug (?)

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    Hello racers,
    I purchased Automobilista a few weeks ago and I saw that the AI wasn't very good at pit strategies but heard about a future update that will improve them.
    A few days, or a week ago, Reiza released the update and I tested it at RedBull Ring (2017 config) with the Formua Ultimate (2017 season skins by pebz and Ultra sensitive damage by Ricky Davies).

    ¡¡¡ALL UP TO DATE!!!

    I tested it 4 times and at all happened the same thing. When someone crashes, the safety car enters the track (full course yellow), pit stop closes and the AI and I follow the safety car, except the DNF ones. After the first lap of safety car (full course yellow) the pit stop opens again and ALL (except me) enters pit stop for changing tyres. This can occur at the 2nd lap, the 5th...
    To finish, remember that I have installed the Ultra sensitive damage... So imagine what will happen, when someone brakes a bit to do the pit stop, the AI that is behind crashes into him and like this until the all AI cars are DNF.
    I wanna know if someone has seen the same, and if not, could someone try that with the same track and mods, please? Probably it's me, i'm the unluckiest person you can meet xD.
    Tomorrow I'll upload a video-proof to YT and post the link here.

    Thank you all,
  2. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins

    Is it a bug, or are they programmed to be conservative and prefer newer tires?

    By the way, if you want to test anything to provide suggestions, always use stock content or else there will be a bunch of wasted time and discussion debating whether your mods had some effect.

    The real issue is the crash-fest in the pits. That affects all races, all cars, all scenarios. Once that is fixed, we can worry about how to program judgement about whether tire change is needed. That only affects certain series. And then, finally, will things be so perfect as to allow you to use ultra sensitive damage in the pits? I wouldn't hold my breath that 10 years of ISI/rFactor-based bad pit behaviour will be magically cured to that ultimate point in the next couple of weeks by Reiza. Most of us will be happy if only a few seriously damaging (at normal damage levels) unnecessary collisions occur in race pit stops.