1. neuv0s

    My save is has a some kind of bug. Can someone fix it? 20.08.2019

    First of all i have 2 tires on the yard of house and i cannot pick them up. Second my cars back tires are bugged there is 2 tires each side. Car has 2 gearsticks and if i saw right 2 grillies. What should i do to fix this?
  2. T

    Bug when installing helmets?

    Anyone else got a problem with custom helmets not installing properly? Followed the Krisdix guide to the T, but in the menu, the helmets just look like blurry versions of the default helmets. They show up correctly in game, but when the race ends, the game freezes in the loading screen. Any...
  3. RasmusGeertsen

    Simhub / Dashboard bug

    Hello! When i use a dashboard from simhub, some of the drivers are displayed with numbers instead of their names (Albon is 62, Norris is 50 etc..) Any ideas why and how to fix? :))
  4. M

    Time attack issue

    Help! I can't find a solution for the following bug; When i want to start some of the time attack sessions in the career mode, I get an error massage after the game shuts down during the loading screen. The error says: !Game Crashed! "Time attack mode is not supported by selected track." I don't...
  5. felyppe

    Cars some of mod cars dont have headligts light

    some cars, when i turn on the headlights at night theres no light on the track how do i fix this? i have updated shaders patch and sol and the cars light is working. exemple
  6. Droplin

    Audio gone wild

    Just finished a gt3 race at monza, halfway through which i was involved in a battle with another car. When in close proximity to said car, my audio signal went haywire, random cutoffs, and then is started adjusting level on its own sending the signal through the roof, needless to say it scared...
  7. Tr0nic

    Ai Flood Cars just spawn, but don't drive.

    Hello folks, i can't use the Ai Flood feature. The cars spawn, but they won't drive. I searched a lot, but it seems that nobody had this bug? Weird to me... Would love to drive Nords and LAC that way... :inlove: I am very thankful for some help! Edit: Went to a friend today, same problem with...
  8. Pandyboy

    Sound Bug! Please Help!

    When im playing F1 2018, I have this weird bug when im in the menu i have sounds and when im going on track there is now sound. It's very weird, ive tried reinstalling the game, and the bug is still there i have sound in all other games and apps, also when i have other apps open at the same time...
  9. eg01st

    General AI bug on mod track - stalling after race restart

    Title explains the problem. I found on older posts that this was old AC bug that got fixed, but I get it anyway. I'm working on my second mod track, and did not have problem like this on my first one. This happens with mod cars as well as with Kunos cars. After I load the scene, race goes...
  10. SegaDevSrbija

    Failing to update mod, download interrupted

    Hi there, I have a little problem, my internet upload speed is slow and im having problem with uploading file to your site, it always says that the download is interupted or something. It just happens here on RD, i can upload to youtube and google drive and everywhere else without any problem...
  11. abrimaal

    Tracks in a wrong category - displayed as "Extras" after adding other tracks.

    Some tracks, when added to Race 07 change categories of other tracks. These tracks are: BATHURST2006, LagunaSeca_v12, Marrakech 2013, Oval1M, Santiago, FVRSydney, Watkins. The first one is Macau. After adding any of these tracks listed above, Macau is displayed as Extras. When I move Macau out...
  12. Microlin100

    Assetto Corsa Online Server Pitstop Issue?

    Issue - Online server, don't know about single player. Every time anybody in the server pits the pitstop will start, then say every 0.5 seconds will then restart, and restart, and you will be stuck indefinitely in the pit lane. Everybody on the server has this issue, which is rather annoying as...
  13. T

    I need Help for Inspection

    hi guys i have a problem im going to inspection with satsuma and i put my car in lift and clicking lindell he is goingto near the lift looking and when he return inspection card is not spawning. how to fix it ?
  14. wein

    Trembling in the cockpit view

    Nothing else to start in the cockpit view everything trembles a lot. Then driving the tremor comes and goes. It is very uncomfortable. It seems like it only happens to me in the cockpit view. Someone else happens? Does anyone know how to solve it? AMD Radeon R9 370, i7-4790, Logitech driving...
  15. P

    F1 2016-2017 issue

    Hey there, Codemasters sent me here because the assistance was unable (or too lazy) to solve my problem with both the games. Copying here my request: " Good afternoon, I have an issue with both F1 game. Since I've installed f1 2017 on both the games I'm experiencing HUGE losses of speed per lap...
  16. S

    Assetto Corsa Bug (video link below)

    (SOLVED) Hello everyone! So basically, my car shakes because of alignment doesn't keep an angle. It wiggles. I came across this bug today. And I have no idea how to fix it... Maybe you guys can help me? Video below. Spicey.
  17. M

    ASR 91 and 95 causing the "full pink line" glitch

    The ONLY 2 cars giving me these problems are ASR 91 and 95, and the weird is thing, they were working just fine a couple weeks ago... I reinstalled rFactor and deleted the mod files, re-downloaded them, same thing. Other cars including other ASR cars work fine on any tracks. What happens is, the...
  18. L

    F5 cam uses TV cams sound

    Hello, so here's my problem: whenever I choose F5 cam in replay mode, it uses sounds from TV cams. Some time ago (like a year or more), I didn't have any problems with this (it used sounds from the car). It matters for me since I do cinematic style edits and the F5 cam is very useful. I'd like...
  19. AndyV12

    Fanatec CSW V2.5 starts to rumble/shake when ABS is off

    I have a weird issue with Asssetto Corsa and Fanatec CSW V2.5. (Windows 10, Fanaleds ON) The wheel will start to rumble continuously once the brakes are applied. The problem is only present when the ABS is turned off. Example: The wheel will behave normally at the beginning, but then I will...
  20. SrRixdmarc

    AI Pit stop after safety car bug (?)

    Hello racers, I purchased Automobilista a few weeks ago and I saw that the AI wasn't very good at pit strategies but heard about a future update that will improve them. A few days, or a week ago, Reiza released the update and I tested it at RedBull Ring (2017 config) with the Formua Ultimate...
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