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Adding character to offline racing...

James Cook

Marcas fan
First of all, I really enjoy racing the AI in R3E. Sure there are a few issues with the behaviour of AI cars but in general it provides a good challenge and is up there with the best.

However, I would love to see a little more character to the AI behaviour. By that I mean more spins, crashes and retirements. To be fair I do see AI cars having the occasional spin most races, although it only seems to happen in tight pack racing when cars get tangled up, but it would be great to see this taken to the next level.

For instance:
-drivers locking up/drivers out-braking themselves
-proper shunts
-drivers retiring through heavy contact with barriers or getting stuck in gravel traps
-minor technical issues that cause a car to lose pace and/or need to pit
-major technical issues that cause retirements (blown engine, wrecked transmission, loss of drive, brake failure etc...)

I appreciate some of these things may be unfeasible on a technical level and/or undesirable by players. If such features could be implemented how about a slider for 'AI mistakes' & 'mechanical problems' and maybe an option to make the human player immune?

What do you guys think?

As it stands....number of cars finishing race = number of cars starting the race.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Having raced AI over many years I find few things more enjoyable than witnessing an AI error.
y, mentioned it allready in another thread, AI needs some personality...they are somehow lifeless in sims, unknown. Thats for example good on F1 games, you drive against known drivers. it's just more immersion to race against a lewis hamilton then a udo berger or so :rolleyes:
Having raced AI over many years I find few things more enjoyable than witnessing an AI error.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Yes if say one driver was harder on tyres and fuel, another nice to tyres, another very good at judging when to go for wets or dry tyres, some more agressive on passes others more patient.
Then even an off line race or season could become very immersive.

James Cook

Marcas fan
Agree on all the points but the "player immunity".
Well tought!
Personally I don't care if my car breaks down at 90% race distance, that's racing and, while annoying, I would like to see this kind of thing more often in sims. As I said, I wouldn't want my car immune to mechanical failures but you have people with a more 'win-at-all-costs' mindset that don't want their race affected by anything out of their control. That's fine too so an option to disable player mechanical failures would cover all bases.


I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yes I agree. With more fallable AI, this sim would be great. I love offline racing.
Much of this goes under the damage model, and I really hope they implement the things you said and more!
Many of the most memorable times from Race 07, is when driving past a big accident or an AI car smoking at the side of the road! :laugh::thumbsup:

Even if it is possible to totally wreck your car, or have the tires fly off, the damage model is way too insensitive even on realistic!!
Also needs more malfunctions under mechanical damage besides the gear box.

About immunity, we have the option to turn the damage off.
In all honesty I prefer their way of doing. No ****-chat, no "promises", just a: we release when it's ready and then we get the package.
There are so many devs around that talk talk talk and then... disappointment (see Elite Dangerous for example). So in the end: I trust their work and their priorities. We've seen them turning this game from a really crappy start to one of the finest Sims around now (and still wip). So, in this world where everyone wants everything yesterday, I absolutely find more confidence in their approach to the game.

Emerson Meyer

Keep Fighting
Many of the desired features were present in GTR2(!!!) and Race 07.
Should we expect less than that?

This sim needs urgently something really new.