Adding cars from 1 mod to another mod in rFactor


Original poster
Jun 1, 2018
This question has probably been answered many times but I can't find an answer so here goes nothing.

To recreate the current IMSA Sportscar championship until someone else makes that mod or I learn how to make it myself I'm trying to put the Oreca 05 and Ligier JSP2 from RafaelCorderio's WEC 2015/16 in the TUSCC 2014 mod (with some tweaks to liveries and HDV and engine files of course) mod but I can't get them to show up.

I've done everything other forums and conversaions suggested: Changing file directories, changing search paths in gen files, putting the gen files from the WEC mod in the TUSCC folder and changing the seach paths again. I've made sure everything was right but still I can't get the car to show up in the mod. What do I do now?

Any help at all would be appreciated. I also hope this conversation helps anybody else who wants to merge any 2 mods (or more) of their liking.