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Actual Mop

Plugins Actual Mop 1.1

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Athlon007 submitted a new resource:

Actual Mop - Remove urine stains from the floor!


Actual Mop adds a... Mop to My Summer Car, which lets you clean the urine stains in your home!

Visit project's GitHub repository to learn more!



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Athlon007 updated Actual Mop with a new update entry:


WARNING: With this update mop will respawn at the default position!

- Updated for MSC Mod Loader version 1.1.7
- Improved chnagelog readibility
- The message for incorrect urinating key will now pop up the console
- Actual Mop save is now located in MSC save folder
- Changed the default spawn position
- Slightly changed the save format (warning: old Actual Mop saves won't work in the current version!)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed mod not loading for some users, and for others...

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Athlon007 updated Actual Mop with a new update entry:

Actual Mop 1.1

WARNING: Position of the mop will be reset!
Mod Loader Pro is now required to run this mod.

- Improved optimization
- Note: If you are using Modern Optimiztion Plugin, it may display an error saying "[MOP] Couldn't find world object mop(Clone)" - you can safely ignore it, as well as you can remove the rule file "ActualMop.mopconfig"
- Added sound effect while cleaning the floor
- Added animation while mopping

- Ported to Mod Loader Pro
- The "Urinate"...

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