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  1. W

    First ACC in VR video with RTX 3080 FE

    enjoy and share...
  2. A

    AC in VR ~89fps no matter what I do

    TLDR; Running AC in VR through content manager with the below spec/mods and no matter what I do I get FPS between 87-89 FPS. I have to be missing some setting that is causing this, what is it? I have tried adjusting every setting in content manager between and always get ~89 FPS. Doesn't make...
  3. El-ahrairah

    HTC Vive/Gear VR Lense Mod

    I just did this lens mod for my HTC Vive and its amazing. Has anyone else had a crack at this?
  4. M

    Vive Pro, RTX 2080Ti, 8700k VR Settings Questions

    Hey Everyone! I have a pretty high end right with an RTX 2080Ti, 8700k OC at 4.8, 32gb ram, running off an M.2 and I race with a Vive Pro. I tried using the Natural_Mod but under sunlight on the tracks everything looks a little too bright and washed out. Does anyone else have this issue? Is...
  5. Chris Kennedy

    Assetto Corsa VR Guide 1.0

    Settings Resolution: 1920x1080 (Only affects the size of the virtual HUD, not the actual game rendering resolution) Fullscreen Rendering: Enabled (improves performance and means that your mouse is always usable if your screen is higher resolution than set above) Rendering Mode: Oculus Rift or...
  6. C

    Top/Center Flags for VR 1.1

    Top/Center Flags for VR I used the default Assetto Corsa flags to create a pack centered flags for VR. Just copy your specific flags folder to x:\....\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\gui and replace the default flags folder. The pack depends on your monitor (or downsampled)...
  7. Z

    Vive is unusable outside of this game, after installing the beta.

    Hi everyone, When I tried out the rFactor2 beta with my vive, everything worked fine in game. The second I closed the game and SteamVR opened automatically, it will lag like CRAZY. Right eye flickers, computer will completely bog down to 1 fps including audio stuttering until I closed SteamVR...
  8. AlfaGunner

    Dirty Windscreen 1.0

    I created this windscreen skin to make the windscreen dirty, theres bird poo, oil and the odd fly. I created because I didnt like an invisible windscreen in VR, although this works brilliantly without VR. It simply replaces the DAMAGE_GLASS file in your texture folder, then adjust an ini and...
  9. B

    Next upgrade - Heusinkveld pedals vs DD Wheel vs VR vs NLR Motion v3

    Hello , I recently upgraded my graphics card to 1080 and Im now thinking what to change or upgrade next. It is not really necessary, everything works fine, but you know... It is exciting to change and upgrade stuff like that :) what would you choose to upgrade as a first thing. Im aware price...
  10. AlfaGunner

    Oculus 911 RSR 2017 vs Vive 911 RSR 2017 (AlfaGunner) 1.2

    Created to race against your VR foe! Be great to see these skins online. Any server admins please use, so that we can request a skin for our HMD ) There is a message under the spoiler for your opponent ) Please put both skins in your Porsche 911 RSR 2017 skins folder (it wont replace any...
  11. vilivili

    VR Replay cameras for Nordschleife 2017-01-01

    How it feels to stand just a few meters away from the legendary race track watching cars flying by? Just drop this file to folder: \SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ks_nordschleife\nordschleife\data\ Backup the original file first. To move from cockpit to trackside VR press F3 and...