A few questions/problems

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    When racing and pressing key 5 to change the virtual display, every time the new one appears there is a huge frame drop.

    "AI Aggression" - for me changing it requires a game restart to work. In main menu, Options I set it to Aggressive for example, then going on a race I can notice that nothing is really changed it is still set on the previous option - Medium. Cheking AI Aggression while in the garage confirms it is still on Medium no changes were made.

    Formula 3 - Using auto shifting on, the car is up shifting very hard and it almost refuses to auto downshift. Tested with clutch on and then off, same thing.

    Formula Classic - Auto lift ON, Auto blip ON, Auto clutch ON - when going into a corner, the car automatically downshifts, when downshifting from 2nd to 1'st gear in 90% of the time that results in a spin, for me is impossible to drive.
    Also when breaking in a Formula Classic car, the car almost instantly locks breaks, impossible not to lock the breaks. This car used to be so amazing to drive, perhaps it's just me :(.

    Renault Fluence - When using on board camera, the mirrors look partly shaded and keep flickering.

    A trainer like this for the future updates/games would make racing much easier for new tracks and also for new players that don't know the tracks! What do you think?

    Also using such a popular and nice guy like Rubens B would help for the image of the simulator, just an opinion.