1. smashers249

    Someone needs to make a mod of this track

    Hi all, Given the huge amounts of mods on RD, I can assume that most of the people on here can make track mods. I myself am entirely inexperienced and don't get along with the software. That said, I would really like to see a mod of the Prescott Hillclimb (UK) made. It's a tight and twisting...
  2. Jari Philip

    Fanatec Limited edition steering wheels

    Hi guys does any1 sell the gold or chrome fanatec Limited edition F1 steering wheel?
  3. smashers249

    Looking for people to join 24h race at Spa

    CIRCUIT HAS BEEN CHANGED!! NOW RACING AT LE MANS!! Hi all, I am setting up a 24h race at Le Mans with a friend (around the 10th July) and I thought that it would be nice to have some actual humans (preferably UK-based in order to keep lag and connection issues to a minimum) if I'm gonna do a...
  4. smashers249

    Need a livery urgently

    Hi all, I need a livery for the Audi R8 LMS 24h urgently. Anyone who would like to offer their services, please DM me or reply to this thread ASAP. Thanks, Charles
  5. S

    Wanted TS PC Racer

    Since I live in Macedonia, it's preferable if the seller is from Europe. Any offer is greatly appreciated.
  6. mrbungle83

    Wanted Fanatec Rim ideally Formula rim.

    I am looking for a rim for the CSL elite base. i like the look of the formula rim.
  7. D

    Wanted Oculus Rift

    Hi there, I'm currently after an Oculus Rift bundle. Ideally a CV1 - Please feel free to let me know if you are selling! Thanks Josh
  8. J

    PC Commentators Wanted

    I am in need of some commentators, preferably 3, for an crossover event between AOR (Apex Online Racing), RSR (Revolution Sim Racing), and PRD (Panther Racing Division). The only requirement is that you have to speak fluent English. Some of the event information can be found at...
  9. PickleChunks

    Wanted Button box?

    I want want something that has buttons that I can connect to a usb, I just need more buttons to bind all my stuff.