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PC2 Looking for people to join 24h race at Spa


Hi all,

I am setting up a 24h race at Le Mans with a friend (around the 10th July) and I thought that it would be nice to have some actual humans (preferably UK-based in order to keep lag and connection issues to a minimum) if I'm gonna do a full 24hrs of racing. If you would like to join us, please just reply to this thread with a bit of your sim-racing experience and background. The next stage is likely to be a test run where you will be put in a short race to see how you perform. The settings and race environment settings we will be using are below.
Again, please feel free to sign up!


Event settings (all times, unless otherwise noted, are in-game- not the real world!):

Categories: LMP1, LMP2 (if enough sign-ups), GT3, GT4 (if enough sign-ups), GT5 (if enough sign-ups)
Circuit: Spa Francorchamps GP

Practice: NONE- practice any time you want


Session start time: 11 am
Session duration: 15 minutes
Time progression: OFF
Weather slots: 1
Weather Forecast: Clear

Duration type: Time
Session duration: 24 hours
Date type: Custom Date
Custom date: 10 July 2020 (subject to change)
Session start time: 9 am (subject to change)
Time progression: Real Time
Season: Summer
Weather slots: 4
Weather forecast: Light cloud -> Light cloud-> Clear -> Light cloud
Weather progression: Sync to race
Start type: Rolling
Formation lap: No
Mandatory pit stop: No

Rules and regulations
Rules and penalties: On
Track limit penalties: Off (but I will add penalties will be added at the end of both sessions after looking through replays, and drivers can report incidents)
Drive-through penalties: Off (same as above)
Pit exit penalty: Off (same as above)
Competitive racing licence: Off

Realism settings
Allow auto-start engine: Yes
Force interior view: No
Force driving line off: Yes
Force default setups: No
Force manual gears: Yes
Force realistic driving aids: Yes
Allow anti-lock brakes: Yes
Allow traction control: No
Allow stability control: No
Damage type: Full damage
Mechanical failures: No
Force manual pit stops: No
Pit stop errors: No
Tyre wear: Authentic
Fuel depletion: Yes
Force cooldown lap: Yes
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