1. 1980 IMSA @ Buenos Aires | Club Racing | Promo

    1980 IMSA @ Buenos Aires | Club Racing | Promo

    What do happens when you have some spare time... well, you fill it with stuff. Weekly rFactor 2 races at:
  2. MJQT

    Virtua_LM's Mid Ohio for AMS v0.2

    The legendary version of Mid Ohio by Virtua_LM from the original rFactor converted and upgraded for Automobilista! 3 layouts included: Mid Ohio No Chicane Mid Ohio Chicane Mid Ohio Miller Time 200 (ad banners, AI files for 1998 CART) This conversion is authorized by MonSum from Virtua_LM...
  3. rvieira

    Virtua LM Cars to rFactor 2!

    Dear mates, After the permission, we are working on the conversion of some old cars from Virtua LM to rfactor2! We still have a lot of work to do, starting with DX11 compatibility! We have working on Jaguar XJR-12, porting all stuffs to rfactor 2. Following we'll have other cars from that...