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  1. A

    Corrections for Ferrari 250 Testarossa 2021-02-11

    It is the same age as your grandma but much faster and much, much, much more expensive... Doesn't have eight figures price tag only if you pay for it in bitcoin ;) But of course, it's 250 Testarossa! The car for Assetto can be found using the link. After doing that myself I ended up spending...
  2. Nicecuppatea

    1923 Driver model 1.2

    1923 Driver model in slightly dodgy but period correct attire for anyone who doesn't have it already. It's included in my other mods but not the FIAT, thought it might be better uploaded seperately. Feel free to use it in your own mods if you want, my only condition is you don't charge for it...
  3. Nicecuppatea

    FIAT 805 405 (1923) 1.1

    THE car of the 1923 season, without the characteristic unreliability that nearly all cars of that era suffered from it probably would've won every race. It was the first supercharged car to compete in a major Grand Prix although apparently a 1.5 litre FIAT in a minor regional race beat it to the...
  4. R

    1968 Porsche 909 Bergespyder fictional skin 1.0

  5. A3DR

    Honda Prelude SN - Mr. X Edition 0.5

    Based off Richard Voaden's project called Mr. X https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=38425 https://www.facebook.com/MRXPrelude/ I wanted to leave this out in the open since we've been working on it with Jason (@aphidgod ) for quite a while now, and I believe physics are in a sweet spot to deliver a...
  6. Damian Baldi

    F-Vintage G2 - M2 / F1 1968/69 v1.0

    Custom Skin mod for AMS2 - Formula Vintage G2M2 This pack includes liveries of cars that ran in 1968 and 1969. - Matra MS11 - Eagle T1G - BRM (126-133) - Ferrari 312/312B - Honda RA301 Installation Back up the Formula_Vintage_G2M2_Livery.bff file and decompress the downloaded file in place...
  7. 1234G

    Chevron B16 0.1.1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Please take a look at our new mod, the Chevron B16. Many thanks for the idea for Medilloni! :thumbsup: The Chevron needs some work on the modelling yet, but there is a more important thing yet. I don't know how it feels to drive this beast, so I'll need some help to...
  8. Pasta2000

    Le Mans 1967 Ford MKII & MKIV skins 1.0

    Included skins: #1 MK IV #2 MK IV #3 MK IV #4 MK IV #5 MKII-B #6 MKII-B #57 MKII-B - Enjoy :)
  9. jegunica

    Buzz Lightyear skin for Tatra 603-2 B5 Marathon 1.0

    This is my first Race Department upload. I hope you enjoy the skin! NOTE: Add the skin manually, CM might not assign it to a proper vehicle. (I got to work on my zipping skills)
  10. Pasta2000

    1971 Fuji Japan GP - Nissan Skyline GT-R #3 1.0

    Hello again :) Hereby the first skin I created for the Skyline GT-R from 1971. You can find this model on the Assetto Corsa Database site. Unfortunately this car only has one reference photo in color so hopefully I didn't miss any other details. There will be a lot more liveries for this car...
  11. Pasta2000

    Le Mans 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Liveries (2 skins) 1.1

    Hello :) Hereby 2 liveries for the ACL Cobra Daytona Coupe. They're both as historically accurate as can be! Includes JSON file and the PSD. Enjoy!
  12. Nicecuppatea

    1923 Sunbeam Grand Prix 1.2

    Third installment from Tours 1923 and the final car, along with the Bugatti and the Voisin, that managed to finish the race. The hardest model to make so far because there's so little info available. I had to base most of the cockpit on the 1922 car because that's all I could find good hi-res...
  13. Pasta2000

    Chevrolet Corvette C1 Sebring 1960 Skins 1.0

    Hello again, Hereby I give you 3 liveries (#1, #2 and #3) for Velo's C1 Corvette. I decided to go for a blend between the cars as they are today and the cars in 1960. Hence why the front stripe is not present. If demanded, I can ofc make the front stripe extend to the nose of the car. Enjoy!
  14. Pasta2000

    Porsche 908 Le Mans 1969 #64 Skin 1.0

    Livery created using the pre-existing 64 livery, added decals and other details to make it look 100% like the car appeared in 1969. Includes custom JSON file. Enjoy :)
  15. Pasta2000

    Ford MK-IV Le Mans 1967 Skinpack (4 liveries) 1.0

    Hello :) For the real reenactors of historic Le Mans racing, here are the 2 missing skins+updated original skins for the Ford MK-IV as included in the Assetto Corsa Legends pack. Added liveries: #3 (Bronze) #4 (Blue) Updated liveries: #1 (Red) #2 (Yellow)
  16. Pasta2000

    Porsche 917K - Taki Racing Team 1969 (Skin) 1.0

    Standalone livery from my 1960s Japan GP Livery pack, since its my most favorite livery I've created out of all of em. Only 1 decal could not be recreated, so I replaced it with a period correct decal. Includes the .psd file for those who want to edit it further. Custom JSON file included as...
  17. Mascot

    Vintage balloon designs (and an insertion config) for older tracks 05.03.2020

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * This will add 18 original vintage balloon designs to your ...content\objects3D folder so that you can easily add them to any track using the...
  18. Pasta2000

    Japanese Historic Motorsport skin pack (1963-1973 liveries) 1.4

    Including 40+ historic skins for the following cars (and where to get them): Alfa Romeo GTA - Kunos Porsche 917K - Kunos Porsche DLC Porsche 906 - Assetto Corsa Legends Pack Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 - Touring Car Legends pack Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé - Assetto Corsa Legends Pack Nissan GT-R...
  19. sylence01

    Mexico Gran Premio 1967 v1.11

    - Created with RTB and Blender. - track light - A.I. - 30 pitbox - hot laps, time attack mod
  20. R

    Pessio Garage YPF Team Skin 1.0

    My first skin.