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  1. R

    Pessio Garage YPF Team Skin 1.0

    My first skin.
  2. Assetto Corsa VR / Russell Alexis Mk.14 @ Fonteny

    Assetto Corsa VR / Russell Alexis Mk.14 @ Fonteny

    Tried to mimic old footage in Adobe Premiere - bit of grain, blurry image, desaturated. The track itself is a masterpiece once again by Fat-Alfie. Go get it!...
  3. garyjpaterson

    1937 Auto Union Type C 0.5

    Merry Christmas! Please note with is really quite WIP - and the version number reflects that. I wanted to release this for Christmas,, though by the time I had decided that it'd have been unfair of me to try and ask anyone to help at such short notice (so Aphidgod for physics, and a...
  4. Luke Maney

    PC2 Lets race, anybody want to do a series?

    We need to have some races with PC2, anybody want to do a series? I would be up for a series using Group C, Group 6, Group 5, GTO, LM900, LMP1, VF1, VProto, etc... there are so many cool tracks and cars, surely we could put together something fun and challenging?
  5. Fat-Alfie

    Fonteny 1.1

    I have been working on this track on and off for the last two years. It started off as a challenge to myself to see if I could find some real roads somewhere in the world that could give me the same buzz and excitement that the Nordschleife does. I searched through maps for several months...
  6. zerobandwidth

    Club race livery set for Abarth 595 (1964) 1.0.20191214.2

    This is a set of liveries for the Abarth 595 (1964) in Assetto Corsa, intended for use in the SimRacingSystem series that is about to use the Stage 2 version. They are inspired both by the simple vintage liveries of yesteryear, and by specific liveries used by current SRS members. The GIMP files...
  7. Pessio

    De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4) 1.11

    Here it comes, from the dark jungle, a roaring Pantera. An italian sexy beauty, but with a raw, big american heart. A super classic Ford 351 Boss, bored to 5800cc, capable of almost 500 hp of brute power, and even more in right hands. At the time, Porsche was so scared of that power, that begged...
  8. Nicecuppatea

    Voisin C6 'Laboratoire' 1.2

    Another entry from Tours, 1923. Started this not long after the Bugatti Type 32 so the model shares a few of the same flaws - mostly not enough polygons where they should be, and probably a few too many where they shouldn't - but I think it's fairly close to the originals. Physics-wise...
  9. O

    AC 289 Sports 1.0

    What we have here is the terrific 'meco and pankykapus' AC Cobra 427 mod remade into three versions of an AC 289 Sports: completely stock form, the Trackday version, and a fully race-prepared competition version. Here's a link to an actual car...
  10. Pessio

    1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.32

    I'm really happy to bring you my last creature. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1750 GTAM. Built to replace GTA in 1970 ETCC, the GTAM was bigger, wilder, and a lot faster. Not by chance won that year's championship. From 220 to 240 hp of brutal "biscione" power, transferred to tarmac by huge Firestone...
  11. Pessio

    Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" 1.0

    Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" Little gift for the community. All scratch built with some blueprints ( really wrong ) and a lot of different photos as reference. Every one of the 16 cars built is slightly different, so take it as a "standard". Interior is modelled using a single photo as a...
  12. bumblebeetuna

    1973-74 IROC I Porsche 911 skin mega pack 1.0

    I'm reuploading this due to some bugs i spotted and have been notified about (thank you @nigave) and have decided to compile all the skins into a single large pack. These skins represent all the cars used during all 4 races - 3 @ Riverside, 1 @ Daytona - of the very first 1973 to 1974...
  13. Mascot

    Real Billboards for Horsma Raceway 1.0

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * [Please note, this track skin was made in collaboration with the original track creator @Ghoults and done with his full blessing. Nobody needs...
  14. shadow118

    Alfa Romeo GTA Monster Falken 1.0

    Alfa Romeo GTA Monster Falken. I made another one of these energy drink liveries on a vintage car
  15. shadow118

    Porsche 917K Hippie 1.0

    Porsche 917K "Hippie" livery. I know this has been done a few times before, but this is my version of it. It's not a direct replica of one specific livery, but a mix of some of them. The 3 is from the Porsche 917 LH, but I added it anyway, because I liked the groovy font :D
  16. Fat-Alfie

    Deutschlandring 1.0

    Deutschlandring - a showcase for 1930s German engineering, boasting the fastest corner in Grand Prix racing, designed to host the 1940 German Grand Prix... destined never to be used at all. In the 1930s, the government of Nazi-Germany constructed a circuit that was to replace the infamous...
  17. romainrob

    The Junk Dash - SimHub 1.0.3

    Hi! I found this at the scrapyard. Sorry I didn’t have time to clean it. This dashboard should work with most SimHub compatible games. At least for the main functions. The dash has a day mode and a night mode: Use the next or previous screen button to cycle between the day and night...
  18. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 7/7 1.0

    Partie 7
  19. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 6/7 1.0

    Partie 6
  20. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 5/7 1.0

    Partie 5