toyota ae86

  1. Tarquin

    TRD Motorsport Lexus 1

    TarqTech Motorsport TRD historical livery brought to life on the Camry - sorry, Lexus :) Inverted black version also available in pack Check out spoblin's video of my Skyline Crash :( The Crash at Skyline From the Tarq Paintshop
  2. E

    JDM Speed Chime 0.2

    A simple app for the speed chime found in the Toyota AE86. Works for any car but has to be manually enabled before launching Assetto Corsa. Config contains three settings that can be set before launch. Chime starting speed The speed at which the chime activates, units are km/h. Chime volume...
  3. spadeshiro

    Guardian Tales (JP) Itasha for WDTS AE86 1.1

    It's been quite a long time since I last made an itasha, so I decided to drop a quick one because I've been into this one unique gacha game called Guardian Tales. And considering Yostar has announced the existence of Japanese server, I was like "hey, why not give it a shot?" and did just that...
  4. Assetto Corsa | AE86 Morning Deliver at Nordschleife

    Assetto Corsa | AE86 Morning Deliver at Nordschleife

    if u guys like it please subcribe my channl and click "like" appreciate!MY GAMING PCCPU:i9-10900KGPU:RTX3090 24GRAM:64GMonitorROG PG43UQ 43inch 4K 144HZ Equ...
  5. H

    Toyota Gazoo Racing livery for Celica ST185, AE86 Tuned 3.1

    2021 Toyota WRC livery for Celica ST185 and AE86 Trueno Tuned. Sebastien Ogier, Elfyn Evans, Kalle Rovanperä liveries for both cars. Includes custom helmets, suits, gloves
  6. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Toyota AE86 Club - Martini 1.0

    Choose a car in game. Click tuning/customize, and "create dir". Find the created folder in: Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\AE86_Club\*Name of the car* Paste the dds file there, and choose it on tuning/customize in game :)
  7. Spysi

    Toyota AE86 Chime 1.0.0

    EU This mod adds a chime from Toyota AE86. If you exceed the speed of 100 km/h, the chime starts ringing, signaling that you need to slow down. How to install a mod? You need update(or install) ModLoader to the latest version and copy all the files from the archive to the folder mods. RU Этот...
  8. Z

    Toyota Sprinter Tureno AE86 additional factory colours 2018-04-01

    Additional factory colours for the Toyota Sprinter Tureno AE86 minus the black plastic bottom trim in standard and tuned option
  9. Z

    Toyota Sprinter Tureno AE86 tuned factory colour 1.01

    For those who wants an alternative to that Fujiwara Tofu Shop delivery car.or one with a race car livery.
  10. Andy-R

    x6 Toyota AE86 Tuned Skins 2018-02-03

    A selection of skins for the AE86 Tuned. Taken from drift cars, race cars and random images I found on the internet. Installation: Extract to your AC main folder. Suggestion: Best raced with the BMW E30 M3 S1. I recommend 50-60% restrictor on the Toyota. Previews: