Guardian Tales (JP) Itasha for WDTS AE86

Guardian Tales (JP) Itasha for WDTS AE86 1.1

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It's been quite a long time since I last made an itasha, so I decided to drop a quick one because I've been into this one unique gacha game called Guardian Tales. And considering Yostar has announced the existence of Japanese server, I was like "hey, why not give it a shot?" and did just that.

Nothing fancy has been done unlike my other works I've made. This is more as a simple drag and drop with a bit of adjustment.

Supposedly only works for World Drift Tour Street version of Toyota AE86.

Drop the content of the zip to \assettocorsa\content\cars\wdts_toyota_ae86\skins\





All logos and assets are property of Kong Studios and Yostar, I have no right to claim that it's mine.

Latest updates

  1. Adjustment for sponsors and character art to make it feel less empty

    Added sponsor and adjusted character art. Preview:
  2. A bit of a fix

    fixed some stuff because I forgot to clean the side fender.

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