1. divinityIV

    Shaking issue on straights with new TMX wheel. PC AC

    I made a custom lut and installed ffb clip. Tried tweaking literally every setting in game and on wheel and unless I play with 0% ffb I can't find a solid solution. Any help is greatly appreciated I've literally been troubleshooting for hours. Thank y'all. Streamable link to shaking issue
  2. R

    TMX Pro heavy FFB

    Hi guys, I have a TMX pro with some days, while I played AC or FH4 (the games I have to it) I feel so heavy my wheel to drive and I not know what I can do to feel more real. Only I can lower the generic FFB but then I will lower all the forces and I will not feel the sensations for drive. My...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    WRC8 WRC 8 The Game

    Kylotonn Racing Games have confirmed this September will see the release of the next officially licensed World Rally Championship video game - WRC 8. Imaginatively titled as always, the eighth instalment to the steadily improving WRC franchise of games is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation...
  4. I

    Wheel setup help needed!

    Hi. I got a Thrustmaster TMX for Christmas and can't use it for RBR. Pls help how do I make it work for RBR. Tnx in advance. Happy Holidays
  5. I

    TMX problems in AC pls Help!

    Hi recently i bought thrustmaster TMX and in Assetto corsa and Content Manager I have problems that the wheel only turns few degrees left or right. Pls help. Kind regards. Ian
  6. K

    T150/TMX users, is this normal?

    So I bought a like-new TMX only about 1.5 months ago and it already feels significantly different to how I remember it being. The FFB is fine, I don't think I've lost any FFB strength, but I feel like I've lost a lot of center spring strength. When I first hooked the TMX to my Xbox, i had to...
  7. FrejkiChodak

    Upgrade from TMX Pro to TX?

    Sup, I'm somewhat new to simracing, after playing DiRT Rally <3 I had to get a wheel, bought a TMX Pro, started playing PC2 (dumped it now) and AC now a lot. I already upgraded it with Th8a, diy joystick handbrake and ricmotech short shifter + 3drap tougher feel for it. I was thinking now of...
  8. N

    Thrustmaster TMX

    ok so I have had the thrustmaster tmx for a while(budget life)and I just started using it again. My current settings don't feel too realistic so I was wondering if someone can give me some tips on setting up ffb for this wheel specifically. Also I use this wheel primarily for drifting so there's...