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3D Driver, Gloves and Helmet Photoshop templates for Assetto Corsa 1.0

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This little resource contains the 3D Photoshop templates for the driver suits, gloves and helmet.

- Double click on the texture layer of the 3D object, a .psb file will open on another window
- Create a new layer on which you are going to paint on
- Quick save the .psb file via Ctrl + S
- Go back onto the 3D document and get creative!

In order to paste stickers and decals onto the desired object you have to "merge down" the sticker to the 3D object, newly added decals will show onto the new layer you just created. To have decals on different layers, repeat the steps 2 and 3.

Leave suggestions, critiques and any sort of question down in the discussion.

Hope you enjoy!

NOTES: the naming convention for the 2D files is the following (save all in .dds format)

- 2016_Gloves_DIFF, 2016_Gloves_NM (normal map generation required)
- 2016_Suit_DIFF, 2016_Suit_NM (normal map generation required)
- HELMET_2012

Screenshot (371).png
Screenshot (370).png
Screenshot (369).png

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