1. 111Locooo

    Autrodomo Costanero de Arrecifes 2023-09-26

    Only 175 km from Capital Federal is the Arrecifes racetrack. It has 1350 meters long, which makes it the smallest racetrack of all, ideal for meeting zonal categories to equalize power, has a tight layout with a good straight of 450m. (Recommendations maximum 22 cars to race against the ia) if...
  2. rFactor | Aston Martin Raceway - RELEASED!

    rFactor | Aston Martin Raceway - RELEASED!

    AM Raceway for rFactor 1 are released!!! Thank you for watching! Download link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/aston-martin-raceway.63219/
  3. Gabe (ITA)

    Formula One 1951 [RF1] by O.R.M 2.9.2

    WARNING: the download button should redirect to Mega.nz, under permission of the RD staff. If you get "WAITING FOR APPROVAL BY RD.txt" just wait a bit longer until the embed is done by RD itself. Thank you for your patience :) After 4 years of work, the O.R.M. Team is proud to present to you...
  4. J

    rFDynHUD widget creation problem - bug in code?

    Hello everyone, Recently I have been creating a race timing tower for rFDynHUD that shows the positions and gaps of the drivers in the race. I started from Prunn's F1 2011 widget, with some help from Marvin's Ecclestone TV 2010 widget, and slowly worked my way up until the looks and...
  5. MJQT

    Grinding Tranny V2.0

    Original README is copied below. Grinding Tranny Mod Version 2.0 "High-heel and Toe Edition" for rFactor by Richard Jackett (hardjack79 at nogrip) richardjackett | gmail | com Using your H-pattern shifter, if you change gear without using the clutch and do not match the revs closely enough...
  6. MJQT

    iDT Indycar 1994 - 1995 FINAL

    From VirtualR in 2008 after the mod's release: After bringing us the fabulous Champ Car 2005-2006 mod, iDT has released another exciting season of CART racing for rFactor today – The 1995 CART mod. The mod does not just includes all cars and drivers of the 1995 CART season, it includes many...
  7. MJQT

    Community AI info website for rF1, other isiMotor2 sims

    Information about AI settings and parameters for isiMotor2 games (e.g. rF1, GTR 2, RACE 07, AMS 1) has long been scattered across PDF documents and forum threads or hidden in the heads of experienced modders. I recently began compiling this information into text files with the goal of creating a...
  8. MJQT

    Touring Car Legends (All-in-One Pack) PART TWO V1.1

    PART ONE DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/touring-car-legends-all-in-one-pack-part-one.53509/ MISSING SOUND FILES? TRY DOWNLOADING THE TCL 1.1 EXE AT THIS MEGA LINK! ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD ALSO AVAILABLE AT: http://classicmotorsporthub.org:200/ Want to race 1980s BTCC...
  9. MJQT

    Touring Car Legends (All-in-One Pack) PART ONE V1.1

    PART TWO DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/touring-car-legends-all-in-one-pack-part-two.53510/ MISSING SOUND FILES? TRY DOWNLOADING THE TCL 1.1 EXE AT THIS MEGA LINK! ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD ALSO AVAILABLE AT: http://classicmotorsporthub.org:200/ Want to race 1980s BTCC...
  10. Whills

    Grand Prix Evolution for rFactor 5.1

    Please note: You are not permitted to upload the source file anywhere else. GRAND PRIX EVOLUTION by Whills This work is a tribute to sim racing history. Inspired by Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series released in the 1990s, this addon features the faithfully recreated vehicles from the...
  11. Keselowski2

    PlayStation 2 intro for rFactor 1.0

    Made just for your nostalgia! PlayStation 2 opening for rFactor by Keselowski2. Does not cut the ISI intro (I've mixed the ISI intro with the rFactor intro in the "PreGame" intro file) How to install: Extract all bink files to your rFactor\MovieFiles folder. Overwrite if asked. Enjoy and have fun!
  12. Dave-NRT

    rFactor Matchmaker

    Good Morning to all: I had tried to reply to a older Christmas post concerning rF1 Match Maker, But it had been closed. :) I operate NRT Game Servers that only hosts Online Racing tittles. Being a longtime partner of the folks of ISI behind the scenes, When there rF1 Matchmaker went down I...