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  1. Phil Anderson

    RedBull Racing Mini RX 1.0

    RedBull Racing Well why not :) It will replace number 25 in the Min RX cars. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fist back up: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\models\mix\livery_25\textures_high 2. Copy the file...
  2. Shap

    Formula RSS 2 by Race Sim Studio - 2014 Caterham Redbull 1.0

    Gasly made his GP2 debut in 2014 at Monza replacing Caterham Racing driver Tom Dillmann. This debut brought a special livery to the grid for the remaining 6 races. Mod doesn't include additional custom textures (driver, crew etc). Special thanks to formulaHEINE for the help on textures and...
  3. Jean Raclette

    RedBull TAG Heuer Fantasy 1.0

    This my first livery so please be indulgent! ;) I hope you will like it! It contains : - The main livery - The UV map You can check my youtube channel if you want : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo6z4b8glh4niB_jLnThCuA Have fun :D Jean Raclette - French F1 fan
  4. EnonE

    Caterpillar tractor / Black Trailer / Redbull Truck 17.04.2017

    Hi ! To say Thanks to all thoses members who share their mods, i have decided to upload some of mine, house/shop pack and Satsuna full retexture will come soon. Textures comes from me or Google, nothing come from another texture pack/authors. Screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/N6gzK Manual...
  5. Markel Viota

    Formula Hybrid 2017 - Opensport Skin 1.01

    Here there are some screens I made the other day. Hope you like it! :)
  6. KingofRivals

    Dallara F312 Formula 3 HyperX TagHeuer Fantasy Skin 1.0

    Formula 3 Fantasy Skin TagHeuer HyperX ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys, its my first skin i hope you like it ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to use...
  7. altechrome

    Hyundai i20 Rally - Red Bull Rally Edition Ekstrom 1.0

    Red Bull Ekstrom's Audi S1 RallyCross livery for Hyundai i20 Rally Edition. This file will replace original livery (white livery). Backup your files! donate
  8. JoshuaMyatt123

    Ferrari Custom Livery (2018 Concept) 1.0

    Concept livery for the 2018 season. Uses the Red Bull Chassis. Ferrari 2018 Concept What does the mod include? Decal file Paint file .JSON File Screenshots! If you want to see any improvement or what my next livery should be. Leave feedback below!
  9. Goozys

    Sébastien Loeb, Daniel Elena / C4 WRC HYmotion 4 1.0

    In game -------------------------------- If you like my liveries and want to support my work, please use the logo below. My Piggy Bank will be pleased with every cent you donate.
  10. FraGioco9

    Red Bull 2017 F1 Livery 1.0

    Hi, after the Mercedes, here's the Red Bull! As you can see the driver is invisible :confused: Someone knows how to fix it? 1.0: - Numbers are now white with a red border - Verstappen's 33 on the car - Verstappen's name on the car - Pirelli and Total logos inverted and now white on the front...
  11. kaiser.NERO

    Ferrari 458 GT2 » RedBull (Fantasy) Skin 1.0

    I'm not a professional painter, but I hope you like the skin. ;) I am happy about every feedback! ! This skin contains the following helmet skin: Max Verstappen 2017 Helmet (Author: Marco17_ok) ! Do not change or modify any content from this skin for your own work and then realease...
  12. MichaelMyers

    Faster Redbull 1.1.0

    This mod simply makes redbull a bit faster on the top speed INSTALLATION Simply copy and paste the folder to your f12016 directory backup your file before overwriting:) have fun enjoy let me know what do you think :) have a good day
  13. NoseyGuyy

    Black and White Red Bull 1.0

    Its just the normal RB12 car, but all the Red Bull logos are in black and white, along with the regular paint of the car!