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  1. Lachlan B

    OZNZ Ginetta Supercup Skins (Also works on the GT4) 1.1

    Twisted Livery based on the #46 Optimum Motorsport Ginetta from the 2017 season. Shell livery based on the annual BMW DTM Livery Custom RYZEN livery Red Bull Livery based on the Red Bull Holden Racing Team 2018 livery by Tripple 8 Race engineering. Skins are in 4096x2048 as default, but...
  2. Lachlan B

    OZNZ GTE Pack (Red Bull Porsche, Irn-Bru Porsche, Ryzen Corvette) 1.0

    All cars have gloves, pit crew etc. Let me know what you think! Nothing beats improving! Comes in 2k as standard, but I have included the 8k files on the more detailed items for anyone that wants some extra pretty-ness! Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Autotek Red Bull Racing: #18 #888 Porsche 911 RSR...
  3. TheNoxGamer

    RedBull Racing Seat Leon TCR 2018 1.2

    Español: Esta es una skin fantasy basada en el diseño del RB14 de Formula 1 de Aston Martin RedBull Racing para el Seat León TCR 2018. Necesario: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/seat-leon-tcr-2018.20109/ Instalación: Descomprimir el archivo .rar en el directorio principal del juego...
  4. WeeSin

    Sebastien Buemi Formula E Helmet 1.2

    Can you imagine Sebastien Buemi is being called back by Red Bull to fill up the seat at either Red Bull or Toro Rosso? I did a helmet mod from his Formula E design and made it into the game. Its not 100% perfect if you don't like what you see don't use it. Appreciate if you could give it a...
  5. ConectiON

    Red Bull Helmet RB1

    Do you remember those old days? Those old days when first RB1 was released in 2005 ? Do you remember old helmets of Christian Klien, Sebastien Buemi, Vitantonio Liuzzi or Sebastian Vettel? Well these helmets had clean design based only on Red Bull Can Color scheme with Red Bull logos. So why I...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Revealed: RedBull RB14

    Third team to release images but first to hit the track, welcome to the world the RedBull Tag Heuer RB14 of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen.. To give it the full title, the new car from Milton Keynes will be called the Aston Martin-Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB14 and comes into the world...
  7. ConectiON

    Red Bull Camo Helmet 2018-02-19

    Today RB14 pre-testing livery was revealed, and I like it as hell, so I decided to make helmet for that livery, if there will be mod for that livery and I think someone will do that because.. holy god.. So there it is , hope you will like it as always.
  8. CharlieHDGamer

    Daniel Ricciardo 2018 Helmet 2018-02-15

  9. KHarozIN

    RedBull Concept 2018-02-13

    Currently Included: Paint Decals RIC (3, Ricciardo) and VER (33, Verstappen) Numbers
  10. ConectiON

    David Coulthard Fantasy Red Bull Helmet 1.0

    David Coulthard Fantasy Red Bull Helmet My another helmet mod! Now it is time for good ol' Dave
  11. Shap

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Redbull (fictional) 2018-02-04

  12. CharlieHDGamer

    F1 2018 concept liveries 2

    I made some skins using agustinvivo's 2017 and marco17's skinpack as a base. Also thank you to race sim studio for supplying the car, and the 3d photoshop model. Finally thanks to sean bull for giving me some ideas for the skins Things that need adding: Sirotkin helmet
  13. jburon72

    F1 2017 Vehicle 3D model 1.50

    This is the final version of the 3D models for all the 2017 cars. I did some rework on the cars 3d model and fix the error in the mclaren honda's decal material not showing on the 3D model and also for you to use it with keyshot. All the cars are now in one download link. Will do the 2016 and...
  14. eatyoubrocookie

    Sauber Red Bull F1 (for Ferrari F2004) 2017-11-19

    After the Williams F1 skin i now also did the next replica of 2004's season of Formula 1, the two cars of former RedBull Sauber Petronas F1 Team: #11 Giancarlo Fisichella and #12 Felipe Massa. Again, there are two versions, 2k and 4k. I also made these F1 skins: McLaren Mercedes BMW Williams...
  15. Redish

    Chromed Red Bull Racing Livery 1.0

    This skin will blow your mind! o_0 I have discovered how to texturize cars! A Chromed Red Bull Livery! Enjoy! Installation guide below:
  16. Zarresz

    Aston Martin Red Bull Racing v1

    Hey mate, How u doing? Special thanks to RedJackal This is a very humble skin, but I swear that I'll keep updating it till it gets amazing. The idea is simple, put the brand new main sponsor on Red Bull. Of course, it's not oficial, but we can have some good ideas for the future... This, in...
  17. Joshua4669732

    F1 2017 Fantasy RedBull Livery 2017-10-14

    This is one of my first livery mods and its a 2017 RedBull livery. This is a fantasy livery and one that maybe we could get in the future. Constructive criticism would be helpful. :)
  18. NegenTienTwaalf

    RedBull Honda skin for RSS Formula Hybrid 1.0

    Hi guys! It's me back again with a new mod! This time It's a Redbull Honda skin for the RSS Formula Hybrid S1. As a RBR fan, I don't hope they will ever race with a Honda engine. But if so, the car has to look good to compensate it a little. :P So that's why I gave it a try, and I'm pretty happy...
  19. Fanofvale

    RedBull fantasy Helmet 1.5

  20. clemfox69

    Peugeot 107 SKINS 0.6

    This is my two skin ! There is two version : - A Red Bull version - A camo skin