1. abrimaal

    Renault 4CV Race07 ATCC 201912

    Renault 4CV R1063 Replica for GTR2 by Speedster63 Conversion to Race07 / GTR Evo / ATCC and additional textures by Carsay
  2. abrimaal

    Citroen SM for Race 07 ATCC 201910

    Citroen SM for Race 07 ATCC GTR2 version release notes: 3D Model: .OBJ downloaded from: http://animium.com Author: Unknown Converted and Modified to GTR2 by Chevy66V8 Physics and Sounds by Babis_xo In memorial to Johan Cruijff 1947-2016 R.I.P. Conversion to Race 07 and additional textures by...
  3. abrimaal

    Race 07 Car Logos 201912

    New and updated car brand logos. Arrinera (new) Bentley (updated) FIAT (new) FSO (new) Isuzu (new) Jaguar (updated) Jeep (new) Lancia (new) Land Rover (new) Mitsubishi (new) Range Rover (new) SAAB (updated) SIMCA (new) Suzuki (updated) Tatra (new) Trabant (new) Put them into...
  4. abrimaal

    How to save AIW in 3DSimED? (track editing)

    I have modified one of existing Race07 tracks for SUV racing. I doubled the height (Z axis) and replaced the .gmt models. Now the track height is doubled and it looks good in the game. (buildings, trees and other tall objects will be excluded from the track .trk) But cars are driving above or...
  5. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part11 2018-12-27

    This file contains Sounds, Championships, Talents and UiData folders. This is last part. Whole mod in one zip file, you can download from czech site here: https://uloz.to/!17Me12osykzd/race07-ultramod-mods-collected-and-united-by-silvestr-edl-7z
  6. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part6 2018-12-26

    Includes Suzuka East, Surfers Paradise, Slovakiaring, Termas de Rio Hondo, Sandown, Salzburgring and ovals. Check out following parts on the site!
  7. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part5 2018-12-26

    Contains Rockingham, Oulton Park, Marrakech, Le Mans, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Hungaroring, Lausitz, Detroit Belle, Birmingham Superprix, Bathurst, Adeleide, Spielberg and Rapuna. Check out following parts on the site!
  8. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part4 2018-12-26

    Contains FIA GT3 Championship, British Formula FORD and Porsche Supercup. Check out following parts on the site!
  9. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part3 2018-12-26

    Contains BTCC 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2013, WTCC 2005, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and F3000 World Championship. Check out following parts on the site!
  10. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part2 2018-12-26

    Contains NASCAR Cup, NASCAR Trucks, Ferrari Challange, WEC and World Grand Prix League. Check out following parts on the site!
  11. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part1 2018-12-26

    This file contains Teams files of V8 Supercars 2008-2012 and DTM 2007 by FVR, Formula FORD and DTM 2008-2010 by T2L and DTM 2013 by RMGS. Check out following parts on the site
  12. Silvestr Edl

    !!! Formula RaceRoom Masters !!! 2018-12-06

    Formula RaceRoom Masters aka WGP League is seperated in two eras: 2003-2011 and 2012-2017. In this fictive competition race only the best drivers in the world. They are carefuly chosen from each season. You will find here drivers from F1, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Champ Car, IndyCar Series and...
  13. Jon c

    Birmingham Superprix BY MOTORFX V0.90

    Birmingham Superprix File Details Author motorfx Size 25.84 MB Version 0.90 Description a street circuit as used in the late 80`s by the BTCC and F3000 in the city centre race of Birmingham, England , which was held for 5years only, although its a street circuit, its quite fast and fun...
  14. Jon c

    BritishGP BY MOTORFX v1.0

    BritishGP BY MOTORFX Works with Supertouring track updates. Just unzip to locations. no need to delete other versions.
  15. E

    NATCC 96-97 Reloaded 1.1

    NATCC 96-97 Reloaded mod v1.1 por raul_ninja -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------
  16. E

    BTCC 90-91-92 1.4

    BTCC 90-91-92 mod v1.4 by raul_ninja ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is BTCC 90-91-92 mod adapted for 'AL Super Touring Seasons' v2.05 for the Race07 series by AndreasFSC. I converted models from...
  17. Jon c

    Goodwood race07 by rickylix v1

    in addon track button. no load screen. The No Grip Race07 Track Conversion Project, Started by Rickylix presents for your pleasure.: Goodwood - Race07 Conversion by rickylix, Readme.txt Fixed, Repacked & Uploaded by Daviking. from GTL/GTR2 with full permissions. Thanks alot to MotorFx &...
  18. Jon c

    BTCC Pembrey Wales Race07. V1.01

    v1.01 fixed ctd sorry. PEMBREY BTCC 92/93 Season Note this will clash with 67pembrey, so you will have to remove 67pembrey, if it is in your collection. Pembrey by Starraider\sunalp2 This is a conversion of the GTL Pembrey by banger. Originally converted by Starraider, he offered to...
  19. Jon c

    BTCC Oulton Park 2005 by Piquet & ZWISS v1.1

    Repacked with correct file name Oulton_2005. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a conversion to Race07.Evo made by Piquet allowed by Zwiss. For Race07.Evo version I decided to offer the International layout used for BF3 event and...
  20. Jon c

    Silverstone track collection Race07 by Motorfx v1

    a Silverstone track collection for GTR2 and RACE07, BTCC reworked files so Silverstone including International ,National, and a variant of the Sport layout is just one folder now........ delete my earlier versions , and the relevant silverstone hat files , before installing, Silverstone...
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