1. abrimaal

    Wartburg 353 for GTR Evo Race 07 202104

    A car from GTR2 pack Ostalgie by <no info> Added some street skins. The gauges are not working, I really don't know why they work in GTR 2 and they don't work in Evo. Cameras need to be adjusted. This car starts in two classes: Race 1972 and Race 1982 There are two car logos in the UiData...
  2. Race 07 : Checking out a brilliant BTCC mod

    Race 07 : Checking out a brilliant BTCC mod

    In todays video we feature a BTCC mod for Race 07 featuring the early 2000 BTC-T spec touring cars. This excellent mod my AndreasFSC from Race Department has seen constant re working and improvements over it life and is still being updated as of 2021 ! all this for a sim racing title that is about
  3. abrimaal

    Are you GT or not? 202102

    This wooden box is a GT Tester. If your car is too tall to be GT, it will crash with the box :) Add the .gmt and .dds files to the Zaluzani files. If you don't want to replace the .trk file, just add to your .trk file: Instance=sign_woodbox { Moveable=True MeshFile=sign_woodbox.gmt...

    Cearsar's Palace for Race 07?

    I looking a Ceasar's Palace Mod for Race 07 but never find.There is a ceasar's palace mod for GTR2 and rFactor and ı know it's possible to convert ISImotor game mods for another game.Is possible to somebody convert this?
  5. Silvestr Edl

    Does anyone knows where I can get tracks from IndyCar or ChampCar?

  6. abrimaal

    Apricot Hill reworked for GTR Evo 202011

    + converted all .jpg, .png and .bmp textures to .dds + moved jumbo screens to be visible and added animated slideshows + replaced some textures, the original are in the folder 0rig files, not used on the track + made windows in buildings transparent + removed empty objects with 0 faces + added a...
  7. abrimaal

    SIMCA 8 for Race 07 GTR Evo 202104

    3D model by xgraphics @ cgtrader Conversion to Race07 / GTR Evo / ATCC3 by Carsay version 202008 not working: steering wheel - I could not find a graphic editor, the steering wheel is fixed to the interior. cockpit gauges, motec, interior mirrors, wipers - I can't do that. numberplates are the...
  8. abrimaal

    ZIL 164 Truck 202006

    ZIL 164 3D Model found standing on a track. It may be from another game. Made drivable by Carsay. initial pre-release 2020-06-06 This truck starts in two classes, with a slower engine (maybe too slow) in Race class. and with stronger engine in Trucks, that it could compete with other trucks...
  9. J

    RACE 07: Does anybody have the BTCC 2015 mod?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum :-). My question is does anybody have the BTCC 2015 mod for Race 07 and if they do would they be so kind and send me a copy? Sadly the download link on NoGripRacing does not work and from what I can see it was only available there. Many thanks for taking...
  10. B

    Race 07 Multiplayer......

    Hi guys, New to here but used the mods section a fair bit, firstly my thanks to everyone tirelessly working to improve these games its very appreciated :) I have the classic 'I'm trying to get Race07 to work multiplayer on the net' issue. Iv found various posts about this and most seem to...
  11. RACE 07 : BTCC touring cars at Knockhill

    RACE 07 : BTCC touring cars at Knockhill

    Today we are going back in time and checking out what is now a retro racing title RACE 07 and the awesome touring car mod by AndreasFSC. We take the iconic S...
  12. L

    Who wants an online SuperTouring Championship using Andreas FSC's SuperTouring Mod?

    Hi everyone, I am looking at setting up an online super touring championship on Race07 for people to join and try to recreate the enjoyment of the 1990's using Andreas FSC's super touring mod. Who thinks this is a good idea and would anyone like to join? It could also be live streamed to...
  13. abrimaal

    Renault 4CV Race07 ATCC 202004

    Renault 4CV R1063 Replica for GTR2 by Speedster63 Conversion to Race07 / GTR Evo / ATCC and additional textures by Carsay
  14. abrimaal

    Citroen SM for Race 07 ATCC 201910

    Citroen SM for Race 07 ATCC GTR2 version release notes: 3D Model: .OBJ downloaded from: http://animium.com Author: Unknown Converted and Modified to GTR2 by Chevy66V8 Physics and Sounds by Babis_xo In memorial to Johan Cruijff 1947-2016 R.I.P. Conversion to Race 07 and additional textures by...
  15. abrimaal

    Race 07 Car Logos 201912

    New and updated car brand logos. Arrinera (new) Bentley (updated) FIAT (new) FSO (new) Isuzu (new) Jaguar (updated) Jeep (new) Lancia (new) Land Rover (new) Mitsubishi (new) Range Rover (new) SAAB (updated) SIMCA (new) Suzuki (updated) Tatra (new) Trabant (new) Put them into...
  16. abrimaal

    How to save AIW in 3DSimED? (track editing)

    I have modified one of existing Race07 tracks for SUV racing. I doubled the height (Z axis) and replaced the .gmt models. Now the track height is doubled and it looks good in the game. (buildings, trees and other tall objects will be excluded from the track .trk) But cars are driving above or...
  17. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part11 2018-12-27

    This file contains Sounds, Championships, Talents and UiData folders. This is last part. Whole mod in one zip file, you can download from czech site here: https://uloz.to/!17Me12osykzd/race07-ultramod-mods-collected-and-united-by-silvestr-edl-7z
  18. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part6 2018-12-26

    Includes Suzuka East, Surfers Paradise, Slovakiaring, Termas de Rio Hondo, Sandown, Salzburgring and ovals. Check out following parts on the site!
  19. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part5 2018-12-26

    Contains Rockingham, Oulton Park, Marrakech, Le Mans, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Hungaroring, Lausitz, Detroit Belle, Birmingham Superprix, Bathurst, Adeleide, Spielberg and Rapuna. Check out following parts on the site!
  20. Silvestr Edl

    ULTRAMOD - part4 2018-12-26

    Contains FIA GT3 Championship, British Formula FORD and Porsche Supercup. Check out following parts on the site!