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Race 07 Multiplayer......

Hi guys,

New to here but used the mods section a fair bit, firstly my thanks to everyone tirelessly working to improve these games its very appreciated :)

I have the classic 'I'm trying to get Race07 to work multiplayer on the net' issue.

Iv found various posts about this and most seem to relate to opening ports on routers, but none seem to have a clear step by step with success.

I wondered if anyone had a successful step by step on sorting this? Dont know why its such a PITA on just this game!

I am trying to be able to play an online game with just myself and one other (and maybe add some AI).

Doesnt matter who hosts (either through the multiplayer or dedicated server), we can see the game in the list, but when you click to join the button goes grey for 5 secs then fails and returns to the list. The host is in ready to drive.

I got into my virgin router last night to try and find/open these UDP etc ports but cant see them anywhere which is making it harder!

Both PCs are on Windows 10 with only Win defender as the Anti Virus. Firewalls show as allowing race through ok

I am fairly PC orientated but no idea at all about networking so it will have to be in simple form please!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks again