1. RealAKP

    Tor Kielce 0.4.1

    The oldest permanent circuit in Poland (opened in 1977, just a few months before Tor Poznań) placed 10 km northwest of Kielce and it's definitely one of the most interesting ones too. Dubbed a 'Polish Nurburgring' it features a section through forest with plenty of elevation changes, it does...
  2. Ragnar Simulator

    Official Silesia Ring (PL) by Ragnar Simulator 1.0

    We proudly present you the official version of the Silesia Ring track in Assetto Corsa (PC). The Ragnar Simulator studio is responsible for its creation. The track was created from scratch on the basis of a precise laser scan. Silesia Ring is the newest (2016) racetrack in Poland and the second...
  3. MergarGirgar

    Radio Subtitles [PL] 1.01

    [EN] This plugin was made by zamp, all credits goes to him. I only translated his plugin into Polish language. [PL] Plugin został stworzony przez zamp. Przetłumaczone zostały tylko pliki tekstowe z zawartością. Original plugin: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/radio-subtitles.17076/...
  4. Rafal303

    Ford Fiesta R5 #8 Rajd Dolnoslaski 2019-03-08

    Note: This my very first ever livery. This is fictional livery (it never exist in real life) made 100% by me using logos and pictures that I have found over the internet and they are all freeware from legal sources. This livery is also freeware. Installation: - To use this livery, you have...
  5. J

    My Summer Car Polish Mod 0.1

    MSC POLISH MOD BETA 0.1 Pierwsza wersja mojego moda, dopiero beta. Jezeli masz jakis pomysl do moda lub sugestje lub jezeli znalazles/znalazlas jakis blad to daj mi znac. Jak na razie pelna lista zmian to: -Autokar zmieniony na PKS -Polskie tablice rejestracyjne -Polskie naklejki na tylnej...
  6. S

    Polish Stuff by StRiD 1.0

    Hello! I've made some textures to my summer car! Here's some screens of this. It prefer to use by polish users but, if you want to download it just do it. :)
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