Silesia Ring (PL) - Official Track by Ragnar Simulator

Silesia Ring (PL) - Official Track by Ragnar Simulator 1.1.1

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We proudly present you the official version of the Silesia Ring track in Assetto Corsa (PC). The Ragnar Simulator studio is responsible for its creation. The track was created from scratch on the basis of a precise laser scan.

Silesia Ring is the newest (2016) racetrack in Poland and the second in terms of track length, which is 3636 meters. According to leading moto-racing drivers, the Silesia Ring track is characterized by one of the best configurations of this type of facilities in Europe. As the only facility of this type in Poland, it has full accompanying infrastructure: administration and conference building, a complex of garages, observation terraces and a start tower.

The comparative tests of the real race track with the virtual version were conducted by a racing driver called Jakub Litwin and rally driver Michał Kosciuszko. All the work done on the track was consulted with representatives of Silesia Ring. Thanks for your help!

The Silesia Ring track is located in Kamień Śląski, 30 km from Opole and just 8 km from the A4 motorway.
Characteristics of the track
The Silesia Ring main course is 3636 meters long and consists of 15 bends: 9 right and 6 left handers. The starting line is 560 meters long and has a width of 15 meters, and the track in the narrowest place - 12 meters.The longest straight line is 730 meters long. The track is protected by energy-absorbing barriers and gravel traps. The facility is equipped with precise MyLaps timing system, which is mounted at most professional racetracks in the world.


The Silesia Ring in Assetto Corsa (PC) is publicly available for free for home use. It is forbidden to use the track for commercial purposes. All rights reserved by Silesia Ring limited liability and partnership company. Have fun! :):cool:

Silesia Ring - new Eastern Loop
We present the Silesia Ring track update v1.1. The main new feature is the new configuration: Silesia Ring - Eastern Loop. This is a shorter version of the track (2636 m), mostly use for various types of events. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


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Latest reviews

My second home. Perfectly reproduced, total 1:1 as real
Good one. Thank you
Nice job, super fun track ! Really enjoyed ! Thank you so much
Hello, I have the problem that i get this message when extracting it into content manager. Can’t process argument: “C:\Users\Robbe\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa0.057\Silesia Ring by Ragnar Simulator [AC v1.1].1\zs_silesiaring”.

Make sure it’s in valid format.
Anyone knows a fix? Thanks
The track has really been improved and it's awesome now
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thank you!
Dzięki Radek!
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Bardzo proszę, ostrego upalania! :)
Precise, all-round well made track. Great to have laser-scanned Polish tracks :D
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thanks! ;)
As far as airfield-tracks go, this one is awesome. Solid work all around. I have a feeling that this is one of the less known, but very high quality tracks that drown in the sea of mediocrity. Would deserve much more attention.
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thanks mate, enjoy! :)
Has even daisy flowers in the grass. Soo beautiful
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thanks! :)
Big thanks !
new layout is nice though the separation used is kinda lame. Also cameras are really bad.
Got a Ford Reilly that just loves that track. Looks like all the talent is out today Thanks.
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thanks! Enjoy! :)
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thanks! :)
I start to say that the layout is very, very good, but I've to say some things.
First, the starting grid are so close, and bumps are frequent.
Second, the DRS zones could be added, for example on the fisrt straight and in the opposite straight.
With these updates this track could be more enjoyable.
thank you
My voivodeship! Plan to go there with my Clio RS, now I have opportunity to train and learn this track virtually. Appreciate it!
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thank you very much! Have a good training! :)