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  1. AbeWoz

    R Motorsport Aston Martin GT3 BES 2018 #62 v1.3

    R Motorsport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 for the 2018 Blancpain Endurance Series. Car #62 I will release the sister car (#76) as well as update this one with driver names after more photos of the car in race-trim surface. Thanks to those who helped out with logos (Reiche and Gambit74) Please...
  2. S

    Project CARS2 BFF Renaming tool 1.0

    Project CARS2 BFF Renaming tool is designed to allow renaming of unpacked files automatically with a provided file name index that is obtainable from the memory of PCARS2 process. When SMS stops patching Project CARS 2, a version which doesn't require the index file will be released, thus...
  3. S

    Project CARS2 Cockpit BIN tool 1.0

    Project CARS2 Cockpit BIN Tool is designed to open, edit and export cockpit files using a simple UI. Additionally it supports exporting to xml. If you have suggestions on how to improve the tool, feel free to contact me at melbardism@gmail.com. I would like to thank: - JDougNY for testing...
  4. derick_pereira

    Volkswagen Polo RX Supercar 2017 1.0

    Installation instructions Extract the 'Volkswagen Polo RX Supercar 1.0' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'vw_polo_rx_livery' DDS file If you like and appreciate my hard work, please support. Thank you.
  5. W

    PC2 New DLC Content "Fun Pack"

    New DLC content named "Fun Pack" has been announced. Here are all the details: New cars 2016 Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro 1985 Audi Sport quattro S1 2013 Citroën DS3 RX Supercar 1969 Ford Bronco "Brocky" 1966 Ford Mustang RTR 2016 Ford Mustang RTR Spec - 5D 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution 1984 Renault R5...
  6. nanoono

    Monte Shell Ferrari F40 (Port from Assetto Corsa) 2017-10-12

    Painted: Nanoono for Project Cars 2 Custom Liveries. Thanks for original skin from: Assetto Corsa Monte Shell Ferrari F40 from Toya (toyahsw@gmail.com - http://www.hsw.hu) PD: I have used some pictures and logos in this skin from Assetto.
  7. PsyaNyde

    Barwell Motorsport Huracan GT3 No.33 'DemonTweeks' 2017-10-08

    'DemonTweeks' livery on the Barwell Motorsport British GT Huracan GT3, hope you like it :)
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    PC2 Project CARS 2 Updated

    Project CARS 2 has received another new update and features fixes aimed at addressing some of the more obvious issues that have arisen since game launch earlier this month. Build 1.1.3 isn't dramatic in size, however what it does do is address some important issues that have arisen with the new...
  9. S

    PC2 Lock to a view of your choice

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if you can lock your preffered view for driving. I prefer to use helmet camera but cannot see how to have that as the default view. Thanks
  10. T

    PC2 Somebody here who can share me PCARS2?

    Hello, is somebody here, who can share with me his PCARS2 Account? I would like to test if it works on my pc, otherwise i have to buy some new hardware to the release... It would be a big help
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    PC2 Project CARS 2 Images Revealed for CoTA, IndyCar oh and Porsche too...

    Slightly Mad Studios have recently confirmed Porsche, Circuit of the Americas and the full 2016 IndyCar series will be coming to Project CARS 2 on release later this year. Expected to ship with over 180 and 60 different tracks, Project CARS 2 will be nothing if not chock-a-block full of content...