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pc build

  1. L

    New PC Suppler - Any one got recommendations for UK

    Hi all, I'm wondering if I can pick you brain for a bit. I'm in desperate need of a new system. Currently I'm using a 6y old laptop with a GTX 980M. I've been holding out for the new CPU/GPUs so it would be another week or too before I pulled the trigger on buying a new system as I'm waiting...
  2. E

    PC & monitor match for a newbie

    Hello all! I have made made the mistake ($$$) of venturing into sim racing and I’m about to build my first ever setup. I’ve done a ton of research and feel confident about my choices when it comes to the rig, wheel and pedals but I’m very hesitant to pull the trigger on a PC and a monitor. My...
  3. W

    First pc sim build for beginner

    Hi guys just looking at few Componants to build my first sim 1 screen for now then 3 later done bit research does this seem decent staring point Msi tomahawk max amd am4 motherboard Amd Ryzen 5 3600 am4 cpu Msi g force rtx2060 Ventus xs 2 x 16ram not sure which yet any advice please For...

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