1. DND

    CPU Bottleneck and Hyper Threading

    Last year I upgraded from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1070ti to go along with the i5 6600k, 16gb DDR4-2133 on a Z170 motherboard with triple 1080p @144Hz 27" monitors. All looks good but wondering if there is something I can do to utilize the full ability of the monitors. I went to PC Builds to see if a...
  2. Billy Pilgrim

    Overclocking a CPU for Assetto Corsa

    Hi I have an i7 4770k CPU which is I believe quite happy to be overclocked (and I have watercooling). I have overclocked it a little bit, not much. My question is: will overclocking it more (to, say, 4.2 or 4.4Ghz) help me get more FPS in Assetto Corsa. Will it help especially in situations...
  3. DND

    What do you do to best maximize the performance of your PC?

    I recently installed the Crew Chief and was reading about dedicating the Mod to a specific core of the CPU and it got me thinking of what people do to maximize their PC. I have run and applied a modest overclock using the ASUS BIOS tool for my k CPU. And after the initial boot of the PC I run...