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oval track

  1. P

    Track ideas1

    I'm putting together a track ideas list. If you decide to create any of these track layouts below you don't have to give me credit if you do decide to create it. But when you do create it comment the link. St louis gateway arch race Natural Bridge Speedway Twin Falls street race 1 Twin Falls...
  2. zelli

    Bristol Dirt NASCAR Cup Series 2020 V1

    Hey Guys, Today im sharing a skin i made for the Food City Bristol Dirt Race!! The original track has some very low res textures and the sponsors are completely out of date, so i decided to fix that!! If you do download this mod a sub on my YT channel would mean a lot!! You can subscribe here...
  3. TonyPanda

    Lingotto (Fiat) rooftop track - do you want it?

    Guys, Do you want to see and drive Lingotto rooftop track in our beloved Sim? Its legendary oldtime Oval race track with extraordinary banking curves, and its on the roof of the building! About Lingotto (Fiat, Turin city) building and track can read here . It was real race track back in times...