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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 179 18.7%
  • Boots

    Votes: 40 4.2%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 90 9.4%
  • None

    Votes: 650 67.8%


  1. kawa4saki

    Moto2 Catalunya Caixa ( replaces custom rider Marc VDS 2020-11-14

    This skin has been requested by DICyc, Catalunya Caixa moto2 skin, will replace the custom rider Marc VDS skin. Only Alpinestar suite is been skinned ( Dainese is not changed ) Known issues: 1. Fernandez his rims are orange aswell, can't seperate them it's or fernandez and custom rider with...
  2. Leone291

    RIDE 4 Ride 4 | Marco Simoncelli #58 - Honda MotoGP 2011 | Pak 1 - Version 1 | By LEONE 291

    Video + Download Link:
  3. xGH05TFACEx

    Stefan Bradl Pilot Hero Image 1.0

    I created this mod to complement the Stefan Bradl skin mod created by: 86ayayay download his mod, here: Stefan Bradl HRC Test Rider What's Inside: - Pilot Hero Cropped Face image - Pilot Hero Face image - Pilot Result Face image Make sure to select "Face 3" in rider customization, in-game...
  4. 86ayayay

    Sylvain Guintoli 2020 Suzuki Test Rider 1.0

    What's inside: Shark Race R Pro GP S. Guintoli Helmet Replace stock Shark 'Black' helmet S. Guintoli Suzuki 2020 bering suit replace aplinestars suit Added S. Guintoli 50 number replace stock number 50 and 'suzuki' buttpatch replace 'hurricane' 'Guntoli' sticker already placed in the upper part...
  5. 86ayayay

    Stefan Bradl HRC Test Rider 1.0

    What's inside: - Stefan Bradl Helmet Replace stock X-lite 'Hot-lap-grey' helmet - Stefan bradl 'Misano' Repsol Dainese suit replace the default one 'Mugello R' - Added Stefan Bradl 6 number replace stock number 6 and 'bradl' buttpatch replace 'raven' - Stefan Bradl test rider gloves and boots...

    MotoGP20 Mod - Rossi Menu Misano Helmet 2019 2020-05-30

    Hi Guys, here is helmet textures mod for Valentino Rossi "Menu Misano" 2019 helmet. This awesome textures created by Modder CalicoJack for MotoGP19 and I have just converted it for MotoGP20 with CalicoJack's permission himself. Kindly extract, copy & paste the pak file into your MotoGP20 paks...
  7. 86ayayay

    Dani Pedrosa 2020 Custom Rider 1.1

    What's inside: - Dani Pedrosa RBFactory Helmet Replace stock arai 'red-sword' helmet - Added arai helmet brand and corrected some logo placement in KTM Factory alpinestars suit - Added Dani Pedrosa 26 number replace stock number 28 and 'pedrosa' buttpatch replace 'katana' - Dani pedrosa KTM test...
  8. Danu Iswahyudi

    Real Rider Photo for MotoGP Class 1.2

    Added Real Rider Photo in Grid and Result UI. So, No more Rider Picture with helmet again:D Next Plan : Added Real Rider Photo in Rider Selection Menu Hope you all like this:thumbsup: Sorry about bad resolution rider picture because of limited resources:unsure:
  9. Danu Iswahyudi

    KTM Tech 3 2020 Livery Update v1

    KTM Tech 3 Livery Update for KTM RC-16 Mod Model from gilangadit7, hope you all like it :thumbsup: Credits to @BIKER7202 & @gilangadit7
  10. Danu Iswahyudi

    MGP20 KTM Tech 3 2020 Suit Update

    Danu Iswahyudi submitted a new resource: KTM Tech 3 2020 Suit Update - Update KTM Tech 3 2020 Suit Compatible with Project 20 Read more about this resource...
  11. Danu Iswahyudi

    KTM Tech 3 2020 Suit Update v1

    Improved Texture and Design KTM Tech 3 2020 from Project 20, hope you all like this :thumbsup: Credits to BIKER7202 & 86ayayay
  12. DigiBric

    Yamaha GO!!!!!!! 2020 Edition + Emoticon 4.0

    Replace custom pilot...
  13. kawa4saki

    Rockstar Energy suzuki 2020-05-06

    Rockstar Energy Suzuki skin replaces the original Suzuki Ecstar skin. It's for both riders ( Rins and Mir ) also painted the skin for the player's bike. Both Suit's included. Haven't tested it online, so i don't know if it also works in online races. Have fun and if you do have problems let...
  14. DigiBric

    Suzuki Ghostbusters Edition + Emoticon 1.0

    Replace Suzuki Custom Pilot + Emoticon
  15. 86ayayay

    Jorge Lorenzo 2020 Custom Rider 1.1

    What's Inside: - Jorge Lorenzo Sepang Test 2020 Helmet Replace stock shark helmet - Jorge Lorenzo yamaha test rider suit replace yamaha factory custom rider alpinestars suit - Added Jorge Lorenzo 99 number replace stock number 98 and 'JL99' buttpatch replace 'the hammer' - Jorge Lorenzo yamaha...
  16. Carlos MR

    Bike Yamaha 2011 50th anniversary 2.0

    Bike Yamaha 2011 50th anniversary, two versions: Jorge Lorendo and custom rider version.
  17. kawa4saki

    Red Bull Honda 2020-05-02

    This skin replaces the Repsol Honda livery for both Marquez brothers and for the player (Dainese + Alpinestar suits included. ) Haven't tested it in online races, so i do not know if it will work in online races. Have a lot of fun with it, Kind regards kawa4saki ( kawa92saki )

    MotoGP20 Mod - Marco Melandri Spidey 2020-04-28

    Hi guys. This is the mod for DLC Marco Melandri Spiderman Suit with Fortuna sponsor replacing Spain No1 sponsor both on the bike models and suits (Melandri, Career Astars & Dainese). Kindly extract, copy & paste the pak file into your MotoGP20 paks folder. You can find the pak folder located in...
  19. kawa4saki

    Shell V-Power Factory Ducati 2020-04-27

    ( short video from the mod ) This livery mod, replaces the standard Ducati Factory livery. I've painted the liveries for Dovizioso, Petrucci, and for the player ( both Dainese and Alpinestar suits ) When it's raining or there is a lot of shadow on the track, the white colour would be grey...
  20. Giovaneveterano

    MGP20 MotoGP 20™ | Every Setting Benchmarked

    Here I've tested every advanced graphics setting found in MotoGP 20 on PC, benchmarked and tested for their Frames Per Second performance hit. Using the chart below you can find out just how demanding each setting is. Considering the speeds you'll be traveling at, it's crucial you get MotoGP 20...