1. A

    All Offline Game Modes for Ebisu Circuit - Touge 2019-12-03

    The small but demanding "Ebisu Circuit - Touge" arrived incomplete as the AI had only the spawning points in the pits and the track cams did not track the action due to the fast_lane been half-ready. Adding this to the track fixes the deficiencies and can provide 41 AI cars fast moving traffic...
  2. A

    General Monochrome ideal line (trajectory)

    Hello here! Could anyone help me with simple mode: disable ideal line colours (disable acceleration/brake path). I have no idea how to do this, but sure - it's easy task. I feel speed and can predict the time for braking, but make mistakes with choosing trajectory. So need ideal line...
  3. RasmusP

    NVIDIA powermode microstutter explained - Are you running 3D mode?

    Hey guys, and girls! Every now and then I stumble upon people with micro stutter problems or people who need to find out if their GPU or CPU are the limiting factor. A great tool to find out is "openhardwaremonitor"! You can not really find out your limiting factor by looking into the CPU. You...
  4. A

    Season/Career Mode excel sheet

    for anyone who would like to use an excel sheet for tracking his season or career feel free to use the following which I created using Microsoft excel. You can find the excel sheet attached to this post. Of course you need to change the drivers' names for your career/season. You can edit and...
  5. xRDs_Savage

    Prologue: Vincent Miller (F1 2016 Career Backstory)

    *** I really hope that this post is OK being in this section. If it isn't please move it as necessary.*** Ahead of the F1 2016 release on August 19th, I wanted to share a quick but well crafted backstory I made that is surely to keep you entertained from start to finish: For all those that...
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