1. Mattiadevigus

    Vtracker, Timetable for ACC Servers 1.3

    How does it works? It was designed to read the data of each session carried out on a ACC server with a pleasant and easy to view interface It offers: A timetable containing the best overall times of each session Iteractive graphs Config Area (future release) Preliminaries You obviously need...
  2. actuallyasriel

    Driving Force Shifter for $80 CAD -- Worth It?

    Hey, I'm currently operating on paddle shifters and for rally that hasn't been ideal. I'd like to use a sequential at some point, but I found a Logitech Driving Force H-pattern on for $80 Canadian ($62 US, 50 Euro). I'm using a T300RS so I'd need to get an adapter for it, but would that all be...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    An Englishman, A South African And Some Race Cars... Wild Times In Virtual Racing

    I've had myself a rather spectacular few days of new experiences and exceptional racing this week, and it all comes to a head this evening with two races at the Nürburgring in the G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce. G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce final today. 20 drivers fight it out...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Introducing the G2 Racing Series Powered by TRUEFORCE

    An exciting new Assetto Corsa Competizione Esports series has been announced - the G2 Racing Series Powered by TRUEFORCE. New series to run on Assetto Corsa Competizione and hosted on Simracing.GP Fully supported by Logitech and BMW. Win VIP experiences and cash prizes. G2 Racing Series...
  5. J

    Logitech gaming software and hub not detecting g920?

    Hi guys, I've got an issue with both the logitech hub and gaming software. Neither detect the wheel being connected even though windows does. Both are up to date. both are 64bit. and i've tried restarting the PC and uninstalling and reinstalling both software at least 5 times. I've also tried...
  6. D

    Sell Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals

    Hi. Downgraded to Sprints so i would like to recover some money 930 not negotiable. Shipping not included Included baseplate,angled brackets and a set of softer rubbers.
  7. R

    Content Manager

    Does content manager allow you to edit lighting such as color curves etc. from within the game? There are times I wish I could make adjustments on the fly.
  8. Raresch

    Logitech G29 pedals problem

    Hi, This will be a longer post, so please have patience and read it all :D I have the Logitech G29 wheel and some time ago, around 3 months ago, my true accelerator (you will see why "true" is relevant) started to spike on its own between 10-20%. So, after some research, I understand that...
  9. JCarlisle

    Logitech G920 prices

    hi. I have recently been thinking about getting into sim racing and have been looking at equipment. I have been looking at Logitech G920 but prices seem to be extremely high for a used system at the moment. I am just wondering what a normal second hand price I would normally expect to pay on a...
  10. bobo83tutu

    History of Logitech Steering Wheels

    The history of Logitech steering wheels, which ones have you had?
  11. M

    Aftermarket pedals

    Hi... I got a Logitech G29, there's the possibility to substitute the original pedals with a new aftermarket item? Unfortunately, I'm interested in that because the original ones stopped working, and I don't want to talk now of the exact nature of my problem. ps: we're under quarantine, so the...
  12. George_Boast

    Sell Logitech G290 w/ MVH studios F1 custom wheel

    SOLD PHOTOS: Now for sale with this deal is the play seat challenge! After upgrading it is time for my beautiful custom Logitech G290 to be enjoyed by a new person. This was a £85 upgrade made in November just 1 month after buying the wheel. It’s experienced light use and included is the...
  13. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    Dirt meets Rock

    Rock music and fast cars have belonged together for ages ... in my Dirt Rally 2.0 project I combine spectacular gameplay with music from unique bands from different parts of the world. Here is a video from my playlist for you. I hope you enjoy it...
  14. cteters

    Logitech G29 & G920 AXC sim brake mod review

    As a disclaimer, I received this product at no charge for my honest and unimpeded review. Description TrueBrake is manufactured by AXC-Sim, with what appears to be the company’s first attempt at entering the sim racing market, where prior to this, they manufactured drone equipment. This piece...
  15. Ross McGregor

    Sell Logitech G27 + Pedals

    After many years of successful and trouble-free use, i'm selling my trusty Logitech G27 after purchasing a G29. The wheel and pedals have minor surface imperfections in places, but as you can see from the photos they are in excellent condition. The pedals feature the Nixim brake pedal mod, which...
  16. BloodySalmonMan

    LMP2 and LMP3 Wheels from Taichi Sim Racing Wheels

    Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels! We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more! Instagram: taichisimracing Website: Taichisteering email: taichisteering@gmail.com Feel free to contact me if you have...
  17. L

    Logitech G25 FFB Problem

    Hello everyone, i recently bought an used G25, i immediately replaced the encoder and noticed that one of the motors apparently broke. The wheel calibrates perfectly and steers perfectly but i can feel no grass or any feedback at all other than the motor trying to put it back to its calibration...
  18. cteters

    Logitech FFB motor replacement?

    For those of us who have not yet ascended and are still rocking Logitech, has anyone had any success swapping the ffb motors around? Maybe trying a beefy electric RC car motor or the like? I’m up for the task, but my one main concern for this, is that the plastic rack and pinion gear assembly...
  19. cristo77

    ACC G29 controls.json 2

    Last update: 17-04-2020 How to install? - open archive "g29_controls.zip" - copy the json files into C:\Users\<<<<*****>>>>\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\Controls - start ACC - Go to "Options" and "Controls" - click on "LOAD/SAVE" on lower right and change from "SAVE" to "LOAD" -...
  20. DiRTyDRiVER

    dIrtYs ACC G27 controls.json 1.10

    New Install-routine - open "dIrtYs_ACC_G27_controls-json_v1_10.zip" - copy the two files to C:\Users\***\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\Controls - start ACC and go to Options -> Controls - lower right to "LOAD / SAVE" and change from "SAVE" to "LOAD" - choose a suitable file for...