gt3 challengers dlc

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2: GT3 Challengers Pack Updated

    Studio 397 have released a minor update to the cars of the recently released GT3 Challengers DLC. Having impressed many, this writer included, with the recent GT3 Challengers DLC for rFactor 2, Studio 397 have revisited the cars today with a brand new update, addressing some of the more minor...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2: Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Released

    Studio 397 have released the final car of the brand new GT3 Challengers DLC for rFactor 2 - welcome the Aston Martin Vantage GT3.. Joining the previously released Porsche 911 GT3 R, McLaren 720s, Audi R8 LMS and BMW M6 GT3 that formed the initial offering of the 'GT3 Challengers' DLC, Aston...
  3. Sven Hielscher

    GT3 Challengers - Simple Skins Audi, BMW, Porsche 2018-12-31

    Hey guys, just played around with the GT3 Challengers and added some more color to the grid. Yes, no official templates are available and yes, that's the reason why the skins are rather easy (only color changes for instance). However, this helps to advance the grid for the moment until the...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    GT3 Challenges Pack Released for rFactor 2

    Four of the five new GT3 cars for rFactor 2 have been released today! Released just 24 hours after the final car reveal yesterday, the five vehicle 'GT3 Challengers' DLC for rFactor 2 is here! Although containing five cars, players will have to wait for a little while yet until we get access to...