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gran turismo 7

  1. SanokMaynik

    #101 Walkenhorst Motorsports BMW M4 GT3 1.0

    Livery Loosely based on the 2016 and 2019 BMW M6 GT3's run by Walkenhorst at the Nurburgring 24 Hours Credits: @formulaHEINE for 2019 N24 Number Plates
  2. Mike Smith

    Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and 5

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and 5. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and 5

    Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and 5

    The next title in the massively popular Gran Turismo series will come to both the 8th and 9th generation PlayStation consoles. Sony has confirmed through an unrelated press notice that its decades old Gran Turismo series will receive a seventh instalment on both the PlayStation 4 and...
  4. G

    GT7 Gran Turismo 7 PC

    Hello everyone, It's 2021 and it turns out that some exclusives games still exist such as Gran Turismo 7. At the last news, whether it's this car game or another one (on XBOX, PC, other), the car games only represent a small part of the games sold. So, for me I consider it a hostage taking to...
  5. Aconway16

    Gran Turismo 7 skin for Dallara F317 1.0

    Gran turismo 7 livery made by me, took far too long hope you enjoy
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    GT7 Gran Turismo 7 | Check Out The First Next Gen Gran Turismo 7 Trailer

    Polyphony Digital and Sony have revealed the very first trailer for Gran Turismo 7 - set to debut on the next generation Sony PS 5, likely set to launch towards the end of the year. We all pretty much knew the brand new PS5 would feature the latest and greatest from Polyphony Digital, and it...